Gearbox: Aliens Colonial Marines was announced before development started

Joystiq: "Despite first being announced by publisher Sega in 2006, development on Aliens: Colonial Marines didn't begin at Gearbox until after the title was revealed to the world."

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ninjahunter2443d ago

eh, its like 6 years, so you know what? Thats still more than enough time to real out a triple A game.

glennco2443d ago

it is too long. the longer it takes the more risk of developers needing to update stuff they have already completed to keep up with the market. it is a horrible cycle that generally means the game is at serious risk of sucking bad.

RevXM2443d ago

2006? Sega/Gearbox sure took their time then.
But what happened to the Aliens; colonial marines game for ps2 and xbox?