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If players can overlook the game’s online performance, MLB 12 The Show’s outstanding collection of modes and customization options allow the title to be enjoyed by both casual admirers as well as hardcore aficionados.

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sharpsword2361d ago

Good review, but maybe just a bit too long.

madmad2361d ago

That's what she said.

Ok, it all seriousness, game sounds good. But why can't they get rid of the online lag.

RaptorMan2361d ago

Same score on both games?

deserteaglexix2361d ago

It's mainly a PS3 review with a mention of the Vita's cloud saving and visual/mode reduction.

mediastudies2361d ago

The commentary is still bad? Man...

deserteaglexix2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Not bad, just lacking in variety and the specifics. The announcers often don't address players by name, relying on "he" too often. Occasionally, the say something unmistakably wrong.

iceman062361d ago

That might be the one area where the 2K series outshines the Show. Overall, it is a truly great game of baseball. Now, let's figure out this lag for ALL sports games and games in general...there's always hope.