New Aliens: Colonial Marines Footages (both MP and SP)

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that an NDA was lifted today as we got a lot of new gameplay footage for Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines from various sources. Gamestar have uploaded an interesting SP video from the Marine campaign mode of the game, whereas Gametrailers have uploaded 5 minutes from its MP mode. CvG on the other hand posted an interview with Brian Martell and all of these footages can be found below."

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IM_A_MARVEL2450d ago

They're coming out of the God damn walls!!!!

As a massive Alien fan (not the abominations from the nineties onwards) I was extremely sceptical about this but i gotta say, this is looking really sweet.

Looking forward to it and also how they've shoehorned the story in between the events of Aliens and Alien 3, with the Sulaco still in one piece.

hakis862449d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game, hope it scares me xD

john22449d ago

Same here. The scary part should be a top priority

MizTv2450d ago

i must have game right now! me want now

Dlacy13g2450d ago

This is absolutely a must have for me. Looked fantastic... Gearbox doing it well again. Now I just need them to get Brothers in Arms back on track and I will be happy.

Kurylo3d2450d ago

how on earth is this game any different then aliens vs predator minus the predators... nothing innovative here. its still just another fps with a pulse rifle... ive played at least 3 avp games as marines... same game everytime... looks like this is as well.. glad the predators are out.. but still... nothing new here.

Iceman X2450d ago

This game is different being it's being made as the sequel to the 2nd movie Aliens. Next it's also getting official help from Fox who made the movie. Graphics look great, 4 player co-op, man i just hope they use some of the original soundtrack from the movie.

Kurylo3d2450d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

u mean like the ghostbusters game was a sequel to the movie ghostbusters... yet there trying to do a ghost busters 3 film that makes that game have not occured... lol...

Plus really the story is stupid... in the movie LV426 got nuked. yet your walking aroud it with the structures still in tact... i think thats lame ...

The gameplay doesnt even look that fun. How many times is an alien going to dive at u and u shoot it... its just way to repetitive. It looks like the coop will be just as boring mindless aim and shoot.

Awe man.. and look at those videos.. in the movies the aliens are like 7-9 feet fall(at least the first 2) In these videos the aliens are shorter then the first person camera... so its like there shorter then the player lol... to me that is like one basic thing that ruins it already...

I see this game for what it is... a quick cash in. Its nothing special.. dont blind urself to think it is... ull only fund more of the same thing.

john22450d ago

Different stories but yeah, I can also see the similarities with the Marine campaign. Still, I hope that this will actually be good and not a let down as it seemed from the early gameplay trailer

Ashunderfire862450d ago

For proof that the Wii U is more powerful than 360/PS3 watch the first video guys!!! Notice how they said the Wii U is one of the better versions. That means the its next to the PC version. They even confirm about it have more ram than 360/PS3!!! Making that rumor about the Wii U being less powerful just some bogus BS!!! Day one PC download to steam for me!!! This game looks awesome!!!

Ashunderfire862449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Did you even watch the first video on what the creative director said at 1:11? He said more ram and better processor for the Wii U, more proof than that stupid anonymous rumor!!! Just wait til E3 and I guarantee you will change your opinion about the system. Tell me what proof you have other than that rumor that Wii U is less powerful?

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