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TheCrapgamer of writes:
It’s usually never a good sign when a company doesn’t send out review copies of their game. Kinect Star Wars history dates back a couple of years to the Kinect reveal at E3. We all saw the acted out preview on the stage, where the actors did some pre-taught moves in sync with the game, the game itself at that point was probably mostly CGI as well. Since that point and time Kinect Star Wars has gotten nothing but negative press, I think the average gamer or person was really looking forward to the game, while the people who frequent forums and game sites seemed to be hoping for the worst. I’ve never in my life wished for a game to fail or get negative reviews. Even though there were no review copies for the game, I did manage to get my copy a couple of days in advance, so I’ve got a pretty good handle on the game.

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Tai_Kaliso2443d ago

Not too bad. Pretty in depth actually.

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MrWegman2443d ago

The game is being bashed by most sites, but I got this for my kids and they love it- I think it is fun too... the pod racing is fun- looks good in 3d...

Tapewurm2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I bought the bundle for my kids and myself as well. But they are getting it as an easter gift from Mom and Dad ... I am going to set it up and try it tomorrow while they are at school and I am off work...was going to try it today, but I tried to set up my Xbox Live Account on my PC and the network is down for maintenance for 24 hours.... looking forward to trying it though......I think people are bashing it because: A. They haven't played it and are just complete morons and B. They have played a few minutes of it and didn't follow the onscreen prompts like this english ass I have seen online reviewing the game and they too are complete morons :) hehehe..... actually hoping it is pretty good and like I have said before...if not, I get to play Gears of War on R2D2 8)

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