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"Who would have ever guessed that Antonio Banderaz would be getting acting parts for his voice talent? What may have seemed like a sidekick character at first in the Shrek Series, mostly cause it was, the Puss in Boots character blew up in popularity. It is with little surprise that Hollywood and Dreamworks responded by giving the feisty feline his own film, and of course as with most children’s films, a movie tie in. Much like Kung-Fu Panda 2 and the Penguins of Madagascar, THQ opted to make a game centered on the Kinect’s controller free gaming, but here is the shocking part; it’s actually kind of good."

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MoFo11112385d ago

Good score for a motion control game

gaminoz2384d ago

This game (except the sneaking) is really surprisingly good fun. Uses the Kinect well.