Fable: The Journey Kinect criticism "unfair", say Fable's creators


Fable's creators have called on gamers to give Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journey a chance.
Dene and Simon Carter founded Big Blue Box in the late '90s, and it was they who drummed up the Fable universe before being absorbed into Peter Molyneux's Lionhead, which was subsequently purchased by Microsoft.

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dedicatedtogamers2445d ago

"Hello everyone. My name is Sony. This year we're coming out with a new God of War, a new Gran Turismo, and a new Uncharted, game franchises that you know and love. Thing is, we're going in a...different direction. The new Uncharted will be a kart racing game, the new God of War will be called 'Brain Age with Kratos', and the new Gran Turismo...well, let's just say that GT is joining the FPS craze. What? WHAT? You fans are outraged? Why?"

That's pretty much what Fable: Journey has done. Take a franchise with millions of fans, completely gut it, change it, dumb it down, force you to buy an expensive peripheral, and they're SUPRISED that fans are upset?

Tai_Kaliso2445d ago

Actually Sony is doing that with their Smash Brothers rip off and a Little Big Planet Kart Racing game.

This isn't Fable 4, this is Fable for the Kinect. Two totally different beasts and although they are set in the same world, I don't see the problem.

I think Kinect needs more story driven games, Rise Of Nightmares, Haunt, Star Wars, Gunstringer, Kinect Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure and Child Of Eden have shown us that full games with a story are capable for Kinect.

The thing most people aren't even realizing is that Kinect is only a year and a half old at this point, so we are just now going to see what some developers can do with a little time to invest into the tech.

I have high hopes for Fable The Journey, I realize Fable 4 will probably come out next year or possibly on the 720 the year after, and I can wait. I'd rather have a little time invested in a full Fable 4 or a next gen offering.

I mean people didn't flip out when Halo Wars came out, it was set in the Halo world but was a RTS game. This is a game with Fable in the name, set in the same world, but isn't a Fable sequel.

I can only see people being upset because they wanted a full Fable 4 this year? Than again, after Fable 3, I would think people would be willing to wait a bit longer to get a proper sequel down the line.

humbleopinion2445d ago

So you are basically saying that the Fable franchise is appreciated at the same level as GOW, GT and Uncharted... Interesting.

I don't see how the "force you" claim holds: We're no force to buy anything. Just like people who like The Old Republic don't have to buy the tons of shovelware Star Wars games, Zelda fans don't have to buy crossbow training, and Eve Online fans don't have to buy a PS3 to play Dust 514...

dedicatedtogamers2445d ago

Are you or are you not required to use Kinect to play Fable: The Journey?

That's where the "force you to buy an expensive peripheral" comes in to play.

humbleopinion2444d ago

The point is that you don't have to buy Fable: The Journey in the first place. It's most likely going to be some casual game you shouldn't care about too much.

Are you the type of game who's planning on buying a game like "Brain Age with Kratos" in the first place? Because only then you'll have to buy an expensive peripheral (assuming that you don't have it already).

yesmynameissumo2445d ago

Fable really isn't that good. 2 is the best of the series, but why are people acting like this is some mind blowing game series? Protip: It's not. The Journey looks to be as good as everything else out on Kinect.

StrongMan2445d ago

Well, look at what Kinect did to Star Wars and you want to go down that same path? So let me guess, there will be dancing right?

Shadonic2445d ago

Honestly after playing fable 2 and 3 i dont give 2 shits about fable they were ok games but not that great i just like the gameplay in the game on this one I hope theres some free movement for standing up and on rails for sitting down. you cant judge something you barely know anything about and even then you cant really tell if you hate a game until you actully play it. Its like listening to little kids whine.

Spenok2444d ago

Well, when you have games like Fable, Fable 2, and Fable 3... and ill admit, Fable 3 was somewhat disapointing compared to the first 2. And turn it around and make a game like Fable: Journey.... of course your fans will be upset. As the first post says, you cant just change a game like fable so drastically and expect the fans to be happy with it.

And sure, even the second responce to said post, made by Tai_Kaliso has a point. Sure, its made for Kinect, and meant to be a whole different beast. HOWEVER!! A game like Fable isnt meant to be a game like Fable: Journey. You point out Sony's Super smash bro's game that isnt even confirmed, and to that i say you seem to have a bad analogy. However with LBP you have a valid point. THEN AGAIN, Fable and LBP are very different games. LBP is more akin to what Mario used to be back in the day. While Fable is more like a Zelda game. And if i remember correctly Zelda has never been turned into a Kart racing game.

Just saying. Thats my personal opinion on the matter. Fable: Journey looks very bad imo, and the fact that its on Kinect, AND exclusive means i will likely never play it.