The SideQuest Episode 401: The Best Episode Ever (SideQuesting)

Episode 401 – Happy 3rd Birthday, SideQuesting!

Dali Dimovski, Eric Smith, and Steven Strom are joined by a gaggle of guests on this birthday episode: John Parie, Doug Lang, J Goldberg, Justin McElroy, Mike Suszek, Mike Wall, Erron Kelly, Taylor Bliss

Things discussed in the show: The original name for Vox Games, preparing for PAX East 2012, Giant cupcakes in space: The Mass Effect 3 ending we really wanted, top-notch EVE Online machinima, and MLB Shinobi City Ransom: The free-to-play MMO: The Kickstarter project.

Show length is about 3 hours.

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tbliss2443d ago

Let's just say, they got one hell of a present.