Shadowrun coming back with Kickstarter

After its… unsettling reboot on the Xbox360, Jordan Weisman plans to bring back Shadowrun with the help of the new revival trend, Kickstarter.

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dedicatedtogamers2324d ago

I'd back it. I'm liking this new direction with Kicstarter (as long as the games end up being good, of course). The original Shadowrun games were excellent.

NYC_Gamer2324d ago

I will add my support since the franchise is returning to its roots

blackbirdi2324d ago

fuck this big companies they have enough money and they ask for more from crowdfunding...and the poor small indie developers will have no chance to finance they project !!

Oldman1002324d ago

Where's the link to the kickstarter page? -_-

kamruk2324d ago

there's a hyperlink at the end, they've already collected $80,000 since the story has gone up!