Wii U has “more RAM” than other consoles and “really great processor”: Colonial Marines director

Brian Martel, Chief Creative Officer at Gearbox Software and director of Aliens: Colonial Marines, suggests Wii U is not underpowered compared to PS3/Xbox 360.

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Megaman_nerd2448d ago

Wii has more ram than the Xbox yet most of its games fail to look just as good has Halo 2, Far Cry or Ninja Gaiden. =/

Akuma-2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

If the wii u is marginally more powerful than this gens hd consoles then its rubbish imo. The lack of wii u specs and lack of any previews on games for the system isn't a good sign. The system was announce a year ago but the public has no info on specs or video previews of games from the console. The lack of information by Nintendo speaks volumes to me.

I'm waiting for the next xbox and ps4. I'll eventually get the wii u when i can buy it for very cheap.I think after the novelty of the wii u controller have worn off, when people realise that having hot-keys on the wii us screen is the same as on the more reliable controller buttons or d-pad there will be a lot of trade ins.

ps360wiihdera2448d ago

Lets face it: Wii U will be more powerful than all current gen consoles.

It will probably be the weakest next gen console in terms of raw power...

phantomexe2448d ago

And this is new???? Nintendo never shows specs on there new consuls. You will here about it soon more then likely E3. Looking forward to it.

MAJ0R2448d ago

Who would have thought that a 2012 console would have more RAM than a 2005/2006 console

ChickeyCantor2448d ago

nVidia/Ati make Ram with graphical processing powers now?

Oh science, you so scary.

Lazy_Sunday2447d ago

But not "Better" Processor.

Nugan2447d ago

The "better" was implied by the context if you read his full statement.

Even though this info is still really ambiguous, at least the source is named and he is truly working on a Wii U title. Much better than questionable statement from people who may or may not exist and who may or may not actually be developing games using the hardware.

browngamer412448d ago

Here we go..another major developer going on RECORD praising the power under the hood of the Wii-U not this anonymous crap that was being reported a couple of days ago..

VanillaBear2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

When you think about it though it's not like he's going to come out and say

"Oh this version that's running on a next gen console won't look or run any differen't from the 360/PS3 versions"

It would mean Nintendo gamers wouldn't buy it, they don't want to loose sales/money

We just won't know untill it's out

ChickeyCantor2448d ago

But it certainly means that they( these developers ) will shoot themselves in the foot.

If the specs aren't as great as they are praising it I really don't see why they would go trough with it.

Eventually they have to make games for it, and if the games, yet again lack anything the PS3/360 can do, the "gamers" will react the same way as they did with the Wii.

Besides it's been 6 years now. Prices have dropped drastically.

VanillaBear2448d ago

"I really don't see why they would go trough with it."

Well my theory is that they think (developers in general) that with the Wii becoming such a huge hit and selling a ton that the Wii will follow the same path which means in the end that more copies of that game will be sold. Especialy if good third party games have been missing on the Wii...

It's a chance they're taking really so it's not surprizing that they are going to praise the Wii U sepcs, I'm not saying they're lying but hey you never know, I thought Bioware wern't the ones for lying and look what happened.

AmaZinG2448d ago ShowReplies(4)
MatthewMk22448d ago

"Wii U is not underpowered compared to PS3/Xbox 360" not underpowered compared to nearly 7-year-old technology. That's not really something to boast about.

Honky Kong2447d ago

Read the same comment like....50 times already....

browngamer412448d ago

So should they not boast about it? "We got this new tech that's more powerful than current consoles,but since the current systems are 7 yrs old we ain't gonna talk about it."interesting opinion..

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