Summer Of The PlayStation Vita []

W75's Jordon Taylor goes gaga over this summer's releases for the PlayStation Vita.

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SandWitch2447d ago

Quite a lot of good titles are coming. I'm mostly interested in Gravity Rush for sure, Mortal Kombat and Resistance. Wouldn't mind to try out Disgaea, but instead I'll probably wait for Persona 4: The Golden.

Sithlord-Gamble2447d ago

Yes i agree, great games. Ill b picking up MK, Resistance, and Gravity Rush.

I would get Madden, but EA totally fuked that one up on the 3ds/psp versions by not including any online interaction. Lets hope they dont make the same mistake, bc that would b unforgivable

(Im looking at you Modnation & Motorstorm RC)

danny8182446d ago

Im trying to get all; trophies possible on unit 13, great game btw. Im also very stoked for resistance and gfravity rush, then my fav. Little Big Planet ;)

GribbleGrunger2446d ago

yep, it's LBPVita for me too. with invisible material, the UV tool can now size the textures, the new animated stickers (rain and kaleidoscopic confirmed), the memoriser that remembers what a player scored or what he collected so that when you play another chapter of the game it will remember what you got in the first chapter. removal of physics is now available (no more having to use the merge glitch)... so many other features that make it leaps and bounds ahead of LBP2

saoco2446d ago

Gravity Rush, Mortal Kombat and Little Big Planet. im gonna abuse my vita.

Indigo1232446d ago

kudos on the disgaea mention

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The story is too old to be commented.