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From the review: "Even though the F stands for Future, it could also stand for fantastic. Tales of Graces F is a must-have for JRPG fans with its excellent gameplay and wealth of content."

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Titanz2447d ago

Do you think Namco Bandai will port this title to the Wii U? The reason I'm asking this question, is because TOG originally launched for the Wii, then it was later moved to the PS3 system.

I wanna play this title, but I've already invested so much in the Wii, and I know the Wii U has BC with Wii accessories, so I won't have to purchase additional controllers if it should get ported.

googergieger2444d ago

Well if the Wii U is the next generation console competition, maybe their online will be better? In which case they might offer the future arc online. Which I think is the only difference between the two games.

GameOn2447d ago

I take it you rather liked it then? Think I will buy a PS3 for this.