Toshiba: "1080p is the New 720p!"

Gizmondo writes:
"Okay, so part of Toshiba's TV presentation at their press conference was this list of "trends for 2008." Two caught our eye: "1080p is the new 720p!" and "120Hz is the new 1080p!" Wait, what?"

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LinuxGuru3760d ago

What the f*ck?

I hate people who claim they are going to set trends. It's extremely annoying.

TheTwelve3760d ago

Toshiba seems to be a bit confused after the smack to the head they received a few days ago. They're still reeling, obviously.


TheExecutive3760d ago

Toshiba isnt really setting a whole lot of trends at the moment.

InMyOpinion3760d ago

As soon as you've bought something it becomes dated so fast. Technology is moving ahead too fast IMO. I'm not too fond of the idea having to upgrade my TV set once every two years to get the most out of my console games. I have some friends who never keep the same cell phone for more than 2-3 months. This mass consumtion is making me nauseous

TheTwelve3760d ago

Technology is indeed moving too fast but eventually it will slow down. It has too. Science can't keep it up forever. Consumers can't keep buying it forever.

As for me, I'm sticking with my 42 inch Bravia for a long time...I don't care if OLED becomes the new standard next year.


InMyOpinion3760d ago

Hopefully 720p & 1080p HDTV's will be the standard for some time.

Gaara_7243760d ago

it wont be standerd as long theres anotha resalution coming this time from samsung thats 10 times more detaild than 1080p its defenetly something but realy think about it how much will this tv cost? and there would be no games out for it only think that would et close to it will be ps3 and even then u will be lucky so i think this tv will fail but theres alot of ritch lazy people out there

bootsielon3760d ago

They don't even know what to say now that their format is dead. They should have cancelled everything, including their conference.

jaja14343760d ago

Your right they should just give up and close their doors.

Ohh but then who would make the PS3 Cell chip...

Guwapo773760d ago

So basically Toshiba is stating the following:

1080p at 60hz = 720p
1080p @ 120hz = 1080p

You can't be serious... Never will the amount of dots on the screen equate to frames per second. I'm not the smartest dude when it comes to technology but umm...they could have saved that one.

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