Vita: Rigged for their Pleasure (The Rant is Go! episode 9)

A few fea­tures on the Vita are designed with their interests, instead of the users, in mind. Dan details what features they are, who "their" refers to, and why they would do this.

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Zetsomaru2442d ago

I completely agree that the lack of custom sound-track support on some games is silly but I don't think a 10% difference in brightness setting is really something to curse Sony about. Entertaining rant, nonetheless.

Danji2442d ago

Indoors, it isn't something worth cursing about. Outdoors? Oh god. I live in the sunshine state which is another way of saying "impossible to see OLED outside State." Maybe if I lived in London...

ziggurcat2442d ago

another gamer trying to exercise his bloated sense of entitlement.

who the **** cares about custom soundtracks, and who the **** cares about the screen brightness...

Danji2442d ago

Not at all entitled. Just noting that it makes for a poor user experience when features are inconsistent across programs/apps/games. Also, Sony lowering the quality of the UX for the sake of saving face to other publishers is ill-advised considering Nintendo Fanboys (like the pictured Bob Chipman) truly believe that Nintendo cares more about them than money.

Did I say I deserved it? No. Did I say Sony "dun fucked up"? Yes. Am I PO'd over the brightness thing? Yes. PSP games are barely visible in sunglight on the Vita. Vita games? Forget it (thanks to the dock in brightness.)

ziggurcat2442d ago

noting? sounded like you were crying (re: "f**k you, sony. f**k you..."). do you have insider information/proof pointing to sony purposefully lower the quality of the UX for the sake of saving face? or are you just assuming this is the case because of your seemingly misguided anger?

i have my screen's brightness set lower than 50% and i can see my games on it just fine, even in the sunlight.