STN: Quick Look: MotorStorm RC: Carnival Festival


MotorStorm’s addictive gameplay and its second shaving addictiveness is still making it THE PS Vita game to own. The game has already been expanded thanks to the release of the Pro-Am Festival map pack, and now have another bundle of tracks to take our mini-motors around in the Carnival Festival, this time with six tracks on offer.

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Yi-Long2442d ago

... and having played the demo, I feel like I would really like the game, especially for only 6 euro...

However, the amount of DLC being released for the game at the moment as well as the short time after release, makes me very wary of picking it up.

Like I said, 6 bucks is very cheap for a game like this, but the 2 extra DLC-packs with a new environment each are also 3 euro a piece, and who knows how much DLC will still follow.

So once again, I'm going to keep away from buying any of this because of all the DLC. Sadly, cause like I said, I loved the demo and it seems like great fun.