Dear Hollywood: Please Stop

Sometimes you have to stop while your behind, so very far behind. Lets say you run across a cute girl/guy and you decide to do the obvious thing and hit on them. After flashing your wad of money or political clout, the poor victim says yes. You then proceed to take your date out on a fabulously expensive dinner. Each entree is $50, the appetizer starts at $30 and you then order a $300 bottle of wine because well, that’s just how you ROLL. However, the appetizer has maggots in it, the entree shows up burnt and your date greedily drinks all the wine and then upchucks on your $2000 dinner attire. At this point the logical thing would be to go home and pretend it didn’t happen. But do you? Nope! The next day you find the exact same kind of person, expecting a different outcome. If you did that in real life – Your friends (the ones that still like you) would be calling you a “Grade-A-Idiot”. Unless you live in California, then your name is just Hollywood.

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