Gamestop to Hold Another B2G1 Event this Week

"As you might recall, Gamestop offered an extra 50% with any game traded in. With so many new games and gamers with cash in their pockets, what a perfect time to hold a buy 2 get 1 free event. From today Power Up Rewards (PUR) members can buy any 2 used games and recieve an additional one for free. If you’re not a PUR member, then you’ll have to wait till tomorrow." - JPS

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MySwordIsHeavenly2442d ago

Lemme think...

With tax, a $54.99 used game is $59.94. (Illinois tax)
$59.94 + $59.94 = $119.88
Then, you get one for free...

Disc Replay sells all games for $42.99 or below...and gives you significantly more money for your games. Even with a B2G1Free, I'm not sure GameStop wins this one.

kreate2441d ago

Thats why u look for the 10-20 dollar games. Or the rare games that gamestop occasionally hold.

MySwordIsHeavenly2441d ago

Yeah, but those $10-$20 games are way cheaper at other used game stores. That's the point here.