OPINION: Have videogames become too easy?

TVGB: "It’s a question that’s plagued me, and I’m sure other gamers, for years now; have videogames become too easy? If I reach back into my childhood memories, I recall spending months trying to beat various Mega Man games. Though it’s been almost twenty years, the frustration still feels fresh; those spike pits and perfectly timed jumps sent me into a mindset usually reserved for psychotics. But when I think about playing Uncharted 2 not too long ago, I dredge up a different type of frustration, one borne of the desire for an actual challenge. I died maybe twice during the course of the game, and when that occurred, there were no actual consequences; I was just dropped back in right where I left off. I’m not saying it was a bad game. There was just no real difficulty. And I believe there’s an obvious reason for this; marketing."

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Snookies122445d ago

I dunno, Uncharted is pretty tough on Crushing. Then again, it's all about staying behind cover and only coming out to shoot one bullet every twenty seconds haha.

decrypt2445d ago

Depends on the kinda games you play. Sure the mainstream games of today are pretty easy and noob friendly games like COD etc are looking to attract as many noobs as possible. Try playing something like CS, that is hardcore.

Anyone looking for a action RPG challenge should play Dota. Dota 2 is coming up soon that will be amazing too. So it just depends what sort of games you are looking at, sure mainstream is pretty easy and casual, however there are those hardcore games that can be very challenging.

callahan092445d ago

Sometimes I wonder if these writers who complain about there being no challenge in games anymore ever actually tick up the difficulty in the game. I have had plenty of tough times in games this generation just by selecting the highest difficulty. Call of Duty games, Resistance, Uncharted, God of War 3, Gears of War, and countless others I don't care to name have given me an enormous challenge on the higher difficulties.

DaReapa2445d ago

For anyone who's experienced several generations of gaming, it has undoubtedly become too easy - particularly with the current gen. With regenerative health being the biggest offender.

Captain Qwark 92445d ago


some games are def more challenging once you boost up the difficulty and thats fine except half the time they lock harder difficulties until you beat it once which is imo, the dumbest F**king thing ever.

you make an ultra easy mode to cater to those who dont care for a challenge and you dont make them beat it once before they can play ultra easy, so why the hell would you make me beat it once before i can play hard???

i get maybe you think we should get some exp first before attempting hard but as soon as you do that, you automatically assume i want to finish your game twice.

games either need to make one set difficulty such as dark/demon souls and make it challenging or make several difficulties, none of which are locked from the start. let me decide if its too hard or not

IIC0mPLeXII2445d ago

Play darksiders or Catherine.

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