Toshiba defiant after HD DVD setback

The Associated Press, January 6, 2008:

Las Vegas - Toshiba Corp. executives had a tough moment Sunday, when they had to face reporters just two days after its HD DVD format was dealt a potentially fatal blow by the defection of Warner Bros. Entertainment to a rival technology.

"It's difficult for me to read the comments of the pundits that HD is dead," said Jodi Sally, vice president of marketing for digital audio and video at Toshiba America Consumer Products. She was speaking at a news conference ahead of the International Consumer Electronics Show, which starts here Monday.

Sally indicated that Toshiba would continue its fight with a Sony Corp.-led group to dominate the market for a replacement to the DVD.

"We've been declared dead before," Sally said.

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ktchong3627d ago

Now this is getting foolish.

gamesR4fun3627d ago

Ya its almost like they are just trying to drag down b/r now...
Maybe they really want the next gen format to be pure digital too.

Still all the money in the world aint going to get any of the ones who are b/r to go hd dvd nor can they stop the rest after the bribes run out...

marinelife93627d ago

Hang in there HD-DVD. I'm Blu through and through but this format war is highly entertaining. They're bloodied and getting their @$$'s kicked every round but they refuse to go down.

lynx1halo3627d ago

well how bout one more time ...........YOURE DEAD IN THE WATER SALLY!!!!!!!!

Darkiewonder3627d ago

Or play the sympathy card.

We'll see what will happen later on when Sony and Microsoft goes to do their conference.

pwnsause3627d ago

I kinda feel sorry for them...

chrno63627d ago

Talk about beating a dead horse, Sally.

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The story is too old to be commented.