The Greatest Video Game Theme Songs

CBS Detroit: We played “Name That Game” on the Stoney and Bill show this morning for MLB The Show 12. After pulling the audio clips from all of the video games, I wanted to make my Top 10 list of the best video game songs and find out if you agreed or disagreed.

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VanillaBear2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

They talk about video games themes and then place FF7 didn't even have a theme song, if anything you would pick FF8s Eyes on Me if you were choosing a FF theme song. Honestly the whole FF7 thing is really starting to bug me now

Pozzle2443d ago

Actually the theme song of FFVII is the tune that plays when you're walking on the world map. It's even called 'Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII'. :D

VanillaBear2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Yeah obviously...but it's not exactly up to Eyes on Me, Melodies of Life or OtherWorld it.

People can't keep picking FF7 related stuff when they know other FF games do a certain feature better, it just looks like your picking it because of it's "FF7" rather then your own opinion

Come on Pozzle if you had to pick a FF theme you would choose one of the good ones, the ones which are actual theme songs, with vocals.

Pozzle2443d ago

I can't talk...the FFVII theme is actually my favorite track in the whole series. :O

Tho I didn't write the article, but I'll agree that I don't think Aerith's theme is the best theme in the series.

Vynzent2440d ago

A good theme song does NOT have vocals ;)

Drithe2442d ago

"One Winged Angel", Sephiroth's theme song, is the greatest of all time.

End of Line.

aDDicteD2442d ago

i agree, best villain theme thus far in video games

SlowBurn2442d ago

That one song in Nier was insanely catchy,memorable,the one that played in the plains area I think.A song from an old Nes game,Lagoon,still haunts me...unsure why though.

TheoreticalParticle2442d ago

If your list does not include the Seigi no Mikata opening, your list is invalid.

You create and play the titular superhero in a kids' morning TV show. You lost the game if you didn't get your viewership high enough. The theme song not only opened the game, but it opened/closed every episode (level) of the show.

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