Toshiba's Press Conference at CES 2008

Toshiba's press conference took off at 10 AM as planned. Here are some of the interesting tidbits of the keynote :-

10:12 - Great success for Regza LCDs and HD DVD, strong Q4 sales for HD DVD - Really, it says so on the slide.

10:21 - The death of the RPTV, as presented by bar graph. "Flat panel TV is 81% of the TV business and growing fast"

10:22 - Stats showing consumers choosing LCD over plasma even at higher prices. Guess people don't care about little things like contrast ratio.

10:24 - Targeting 10% market share in LCD 32-inch and above in 2008.

10:31 - New Video Bypass circutiry on all Regza models improves by 48ms response time on 120hz models - no gaming mode necessary. Bezels slimmed to 1.5-inch at the most. 1080p available as small as 32-inch in the RV530 series. Replaces HL167

10:34 - Motion Vector 120Hz. New feature - 5:5 film pulldown mode. split screen 60/120Hz processing for comparison.

10:34 - New XV540 flagship model 42-, 46-, 52 -inch models get new color processing, 108% of NTSC color. Hits in spring

10:35 - XF550 Cinema Series in 42- 46- and 52-inch models with DynaLight Super Contrast for superior black levels.

10:35 moving to fall/spring product introductions


10:37 - Talking about the power of Cell chip to do super SD2HD upconversion. Claims it makes SD look like HD. ( Somehow we doubt that)

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TANOD3816d ago

10:37 - Talking about the power of Cell chip to do super SD2HD upconversion. Claims it makes SD look like HD. ( Somehow we doubt that)


nice_cuppa3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

still another reason for me not to buy overpriced blu-ray movies.

so i was right about toshiba.

and you pointed out that you have to get a bogof deal for it to be a good deal but i get disagee's.

TANOD3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Toshiba,IBM and SONY created CELL

However Toshiba was supposed to launch CELL based TVs in 2007.

Now they are doing it in 2008


just shut up OK

CELL is good not JUST FOR less intrinsic gaming but SUPERCOMPUTING as well

CELL excels in gaming/multimedia applications like TRE,RAYTRACING,MPEG encoding/decoding/FFt + numerous others apps.



CEll murders PC cores in ALL APPLICATIONS and it can fully raytrace which even 8800GTX cant

socomnick3816d ago

Nobody has ever denied the cell being awesome at video applications. It is not as good as a video game console processor though.

FamilyGuy3816d ago

Overpriced? Only if you cant find a good deal. Amazons buy on get one free sell effectively brings some blu-ray movies down to $10-$14 each so compared to even SD Dvds thats a great price.

CeruleanSky3816d ago

"It is not as good as a video game console processor though."

LOL! So sad...

Gran Turismo
Ratchet and Clank

Stupid fanboys...

Silver3603816d ago

interest in the cell to Toshiba? So that now only Toshiba and IBM own the cell?

Bombomb3815d ago

Sony exits future Cell development
Japanese electronics giant pulls out of research and production facilities for high-powered processor; ramps investment in image-sensor tech.

Notice RESEARCH keyword.

"Last month, Sony confirmed speculation that it would be selling its stake in Cell manufacturing plants to development partner Toshiba. Although financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Bloomberg reported that the deal will raise $860 million for Sony once final details are arrived upon in March 2008.

This week, Nikkei reports that Sony plans to cease participation in the Cell processor's future iterations. Along with partners IBM and Toshiba, Sony has been researching 32nm and 45nm successors to the Cell processor, which is currently made using a 65nm process--an improvement from the original 90nm process. Sony is currently in negotiations with IBM and Toshiba on the exact date and terms of the pullout. The two reportedly plan to continue development on the chips. "


Which makes me wonder what's next for the new PS in the future, which also makes me wonder was this cell chip really designed for games, now that the real intentions and the trojan has done its work.

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blacsheep3816d ago

do yourself a favour and stop throwing money down a hole,hd-dvd is dead we may hear stories in the future of a hd-dvd plaYer being spotted in the wild just like elvis but dead is dead im afraid no matter how much wishing.

your not microsoft who can continue to waste and lose money on its xbox franchise duly because microsoft have deep deep pockets,toshiba as this is a gaming site i guess i should say


Ignorant Fanboy3815d ago

10:12-10:21 is about HD-DVD, 9 whole minutes.

It seems as if they are shifting their strategy, but I guess you didnt look that deep into it.

smokysmoke3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

This is a joke i agree with some of you guys hd dvds are dead... blue ray is the new thing if u cant get that stright then u matter as well live in the 80's with VCR'S if you dont like the whole change thing LOL!!

whoelse3816d ago

So they combined a few slides from the canceled HD DVD conference and put it in this.

Now i wonder why no Q&A. Let me guess what the questions would be... nope cant think ;)

Bladestar3816d ago

Toshiba have and will have enough money to continue their HD DVD venture... specially now that Sony has to pay for them to make the cell for them... how Ironic... companies that are killing themselves on the format war are buddies when it comes to the cell.... it must be hard to Sony fanboys to love or hate Toshiba... there seems to be a common ground going on here... weird ehh?

ruibing3815d ago

What in the world are you talking about? As far as Sony is concerned, the development on the Cell is good enough as it is. They wouldn't need to do more than shrink the die size, and even that is unneccesarry given the reliability of the PS3. And if anything, Sony is partnered with IBM when it comes to die shrinking with IBM's NY fab.