Allegory of the Citadel

"Like sunlight for the man who arises from Plato’s cave, the ending of Mass Effect 3 distressed me. As I embarked on the game’s conclusion I felt confused and disoriented by the sudden shift in the game’s direction and style. Continuing through to the end, I began to realize this was not my fault. After keeping me in the shadows for tens of hours, it makes sense that Mass Effect 3’s sudden and inexplicable series of expositional revelations feel cheap and false rather than utterly true.

Coming-to after a white flash just outside the beam connecting Earth and the Citadel, my Shepard arose and began staggering meekly toward the light. He was badly burned and no one else from the assault force was still standing. Instead, a few undeterred husks stood between Shepard and the transporter, dispatched with some effort using the commander’s side arm. Passing over their lifeless bodies Shepard moved into the light and was lifted up into the Citadel.

This wasn’t the ending I had been expecting. But as the last scenes of Mass Effect 3 began to unfold there was no time to look back.

The concluding chapter in a science fiction trilogy seven years in the making is not the easiest to pin down."

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