Battlefield 3 DLC Lets You Pay to Cheat (Basically)

Kotaku - EA is no stranger to allowing users to pay for upgrades most people earn the hard way. It's been doing it since the dawn of the DLC era. But a new set of unlocks for Battlefield 3 is beginning to take the piss.

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Hufandpuf2450d ago

all the hate over this is very necessary and stupid. If they want to shell out money for it, then they can do it. But that doesn't mean they'll be a killing machine right away. they've just started the game and don't even know how the guns work. which is why you get rewards for using different guns.

RioKing2449d ago

I like how you wrote all of the hate is "necessary" haha.

da_2pacalypse2449d ago

while I agree with you, and the fact that paying for the kids doesn't automatically make them a killing machine... this business model is for F2P games... Is this game F2P???

Sorry, but soon EA will just let you buy kills -_-

badz1492449d ago

but they might sell perks! $10 for using perks 100 times for example

Statix2449d ago

You must have not ever played Battlefield 3. Getting kills as a noob is extremely hard, especially in vehicles with no unlocks, and especially in jets with no unlocks. If you're buying these "Shortcut" DLC packs, then yes, you're buying a major competitive advantage over other people who are just starting out with the game and haven't unlocked anything.

I'm speaking as a big fan of BF3. I've already unlocked most things in my kits and vehicles, so this doesn't really affect me. However, the principle of it is just morally wrong, more or less (depending on how seriously you take your videogames, that is). This is one of the more blatant examples of "pay-to-win" that I've personally seen.

Hufandpuf2449d ago

I've reached Colonel lvl 4 and have played BF3 for 108 hours. I have every gun already because I bought the game day 1. I have also played EVERY battlefield game made, even the free2play ones. So I know what kinds of people play Battlefield.

People could pay to unlock all guns in BFBC2, but no one complained about that at all.

Statix2446d ago

You didn't address my argument. Perhaps I should specify that VEHICLE unlocks give people a huge advantage in particular. Vehicle unlocks are also rather time consuming and/or hard to attain, so you have to invest a lot of time and effort to get these unlocks. I'm a level ~30 colonel, and even I don't have every unlock for Jets and LAV's yet.

I agree with you that gun unlocks don't matter. Any decent player can get some kills with ANY gun. But vehicle unlocks on the other hand make a huge difference in helping your team, and many of them are difficult to attain.

I bet that you play mostly Team Deathmatch, where there are no vehicles, and that's why you think that buying kit unlocks isn't a big deal. But it is.

CommonCent2449d ago

IMO the later gun unlocks aren't even more powerful, they just handle differently.

Statix2449d ago

The gun and infantry kit unlocks aren't a big deal. However, vehicle unlocks make a MASSIVE difference. If you're driving a tank, a jet, or a heli with zero unlocks, you're almost guaranteed dead meat against someone who has unlocked everything with all his/her vehicles.

ginsunuva2449d ago

Jet with zero unlocks = death.

TekoIie2448d ago

yeh Jets really need it. I dont personally use Heat seeekers but i do use the AGM missile thingy (i forget the name). Brilliant to give your team an advantage at the beginning of the game in the vehicle combat ;)

Forget taking out enemy jets they barely do anything to get in the way of the team-mates on the ground so i just damage tanks and when i see a jeep if im lucky the missile will kill someone in there so i get a little bonus :3

eak32445d ago

thats probably why i still to this day rarely get in a jet. I havent unlocked a single thing for it yet. Hmmmmmm on my way to the EA store .../s or not???

Redtide2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

it doesnt bother me that someone can do this, just because they can buy all the weapons doesnt mean they will be any good with it. i personally wouldnt buy them myself if i was new to the game because id like the challenge of unlocking everything myself. wouldnt the game get boring if you just buy everything?

RememberThe3572449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Exactly, Just becuase some kid bought the F2000 with his moms credit card doesn't mean I wont pop his top with my M16A3.

@below: Yeah, I'm not a killing machine by any means, and I'm not digging a lot of the changes to most of the guns, but I don't need to pay EA to get better at the game.

Redtide2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

i do hear that alot on bf3 when i actually use my mic a bunch of kids on my team braggin about buying all the weapons and then at the end of the match there 3 and 20. not that k/d is important to me just pointing that out.

@above I know exactly what you mean

Errod882449d ago

Didn"t Bad Company 2 have this I can't remember,If it did or not.

Errod882442d ago

Thanks I wasn't too sure,if it did or not.

glennco2449d ago

- they lack the experience necessary to unlock the weapons and it shows in the game.
- the weapons generally don't offer an advantage, just are different.
- some people don't have the time to play the game 4 hours every night
- it doesn't change anything in the game as there is no unfair advantage in unlocking guns in the first place

cheating is using hacks, modded controllers, mouse/keyboard adapters on console etc. etc.
unlocking weapons are hardly cheating and i don't have a problem with it. if i was spending more money on this game i would rather that than buying a worthless skin. calling this cheating takes away the seriousness (i know it is only a game) from the real cheats. buying these unlocks doesn't mean you will slaughter me anymore than i already get slaughtered.

this was obviously written by someone who doesn't play the game

just play the damn objective, don't cheat (for real) and i'm happy.

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