Review – Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for Vita (PlayStation Lifestyle)

"For almost a decade now, the Disgaea series has been synonymous with innovative tactical RPG gameplay. What’s more, they’re even better in portable form. If you like tactical/strategy RPGs, or are at least willing to give them a shot, then chalk up Disagea 3: Absence of Detention as another good reason to snag a PS Vita." -PSLS

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Snookies122447d ago

Can't wait for this... I never actually played through D3, so with all the included goodies, this is going to be an amazing game to snag up. XD

doctorstrange2447d ago

Finally a Vita game that I can really sink my teeth into.

knifefight2447d ago

I love playing tactical RPGs on portables. The genre seems like such a perfect fit for handhelds.

...I say this, and yet I really hope the next Valkyria game is on PS3.

Smashbro292447d ago

It better have some kind of quick save. I'm playing Afternoon of Darkness and that's killing it. That and I can't skip some cutscenes.

Indigo1232446d ago

a japanese rpg of this calibur deserves at least an 8

knifefight2445d ago

To you perhaps.
Please elaborate on your opinion. :)

knifefight2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Define "real RPG fan."

I gather that it means "people who agree with me."

I asked you to elaborate on your opinion. Are you capable of doing that? If you don't want to, I mean, just go ahead and say so.

knifefight2441d ago

Yeah I didn't think you had anything actually intelligent to say.
I would have loved a real discussion.