Rayman Origins Deserved Better Than This

Rayman Origins came out just five months ago and was reduced to $39.99 only a month later. Now it's less than 15 bucks. No platinum/greatest hits treatment, just bargin bin banishment

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raytraceme2448d ago

Great Attitude!!! Now you know why companies don't take big risks with new ip's ;)

Ghost2502448d ago

but rayman is not a new IP though.

NYC_Gamer2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

They shouldn't have released the game for full retail in the first place....Ubi didn't even try to promote the game at all...

NukaCola2448d ago

Yeah, its not a new IP but its a brilliant game. Rayman Origins brought the platformer back to it's roots. I got in on PS3 for $60 and it's worth every penny. Funny, 1080p @ 60 frames, it's gorgeous and I would have to say it's probably the most polished game to release this year along side Portal 2.

guitarded772447d ago

Wait... because Target has the game on clearance it's somehow a disservice to the game??? The game was a critical success with high scores all around and stores like Target have limited shelve space and carry games that sell well for them... that's how a retail store works. I see this as someone is going to get a great game at a great price. If you want to pay more, then feel free to shop around... I'm sure you can find a higher price somewhere. Worthless article.

Saladfax2447d ago

No matter how good the game was, they were stupid to release it as they did.

It might be worth every penny of 60 dollars, but you just don't charge that much for a title like Rayman: Origins these days because it's a niche title more suited to a downloadable environment. The game probably would've sold 10x more at 20 dollars with a simultaneous release on all platforms. Even now, it's probably doing pretty darn well on Steam (and probably will for years to come).

But still, it was a stupid mistake for Ubisoft to release the game this way.

SilentNegotiator2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

No advertisement, full price 2D platformer...the results are not surprising.

darthv722447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

a way to just clear out existing stock. Not actually reflective of the new price but just maybe they have so much on hand they wanted to blow it out.

Case in point. While I was at target a few months back I saw guitar hero warriors of rock with a clearance sticker on it for $9.98 so i picked it up for my kids. Go to the same target a few days later and the game is selling for $29.98.

I saw rayman origins at target just this past saturday for $29.98 and it was being offered as part of their buy 2 get 1 free. I almost got it but if it is at my target for $14.98 then i'm definitely getting it.

They do this sort of thing from time to time. If they get an over abundance of a certain title that they expect will be a big seller and it doesnt sell to what they expected. They put a few clearance stickers on them to move inventory.

Yi-Long2447d ago

... they should have just released it for 15 bucks on PSN/XBLA, and I'm 100% certain it would have sold at least 10 times as much in it's first week, and would have continued to sell great for years after because it would have been one of the best downloadable games of this gen.

Ubisoft was just too greedy, and by wanting more, they received a lot less than they could have.

It's not like we haven't warned them.

Emmettcelticfan2447d ago

what attitude, some cry baby writing a worthless article because rayman is in the bargain bin. What has company risk and new ip's got to do with anything. nice one genius

RyuCloudStrife2447d ago

that because everyone camps

Kurt Russell2447d ago

I have this on xbox, one of the best games I have played - amazing platformer, and an amazing art style.

enfestid2447d ago

@Ghost250: It's not a new IP, no, but completely revamping the style of a major IP is taking just as big of a risk as releasing a new IP.

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CarlitoBrigante2447d ago

Thats a very bad attitude, you're the kind of gamer who doesn't care for innovation, who only plays Call of Duty, no-scoping and thinking he's such a pro.

Emmettcelticfan2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

see now that comment shows how much of a douche you are. I haven't bought a cod since cod 3. You're the gamer who is holding back the industry because of your stupidity. Rayman is in the bargain bin at a store who cares

morkendo232447d ago

dont worry guys RAYMAN 2 is coming check out wekipedia games on the list of up-coming games 2012.

dirthurts2447d ago

There has been no official announcement as far as I know.
Wikipedia is the most unreliable source on the internet...

callahan092447d ago

It's pretty obvious why this particular game didn't do well at retail... It was announced a 10 to 20 dollar downloadable title. It's extremely difficult once that precedent has been set and that expectation is in the consumers' mind to then just say "Well, now it's better than it was gonna be before, so it has to be a disc title and 60 dollars" and expect those people to just get over it. The game still looks like the same game they expected it to be when they thought they were going to pay a fraction of the price for it. It just makes it look unappealing to them, like they're getting ripped off because it wasn't supposed to cost that much. Not that it isn't a huge game that became much bigger than originally announced and that they weren't right to charge 60 dollars for it... but, the viewpoint of consumers on this one has a point as well.

IHateYouFanboys2447d ago

same thing happened to Halo 3: ODST yet it went on to be one of the best selling exclusives of the generation.

It didnt do well at retail because.......who knows really. many critically acclaimed games sell poorly, it just happens. Rayman Origins is the most beautiful game this generation, bar none, IMO - and its fun as hell to boot. 4 player local co-op too. its a shame it didnt sell 5+ million, but the tech that it was made on (UbiArt) has now shown what it can do which will hopefully lead to more incredible and gorgeous 2D platformers.

callahan092447d ago

Come on, you truly cannot compare Rayman to Halo when it comes to sales. You're right, a similar thing happened with ODST, but it also had the Halo brand name at the height of its popularity to push it forward.

NotSoSilentBob2446d ago

Ignore IHateYouFanBoys

All he does is compare things to 360 exclusives and claim on the 360 is the best. God do I wish they still had the gamer Zone and the Open zone.

HBK6192447d ago

Yeah, how dare people get their games at a reasonable price!!!

I demand all games stay at full price forever! That'll learn 'em.

In other news Rayman made its money back from game it's totally profitable at any price now.

A critical AND financial success. Write a damn article about that!

MWH2447d ago

Rayman is a great game kid and certainly deserves better than this.. you suck by the way.

Seraphim2447d ago

Idiots, Target is the one Retailer who knows wtf they're doing. Instead of hanging onto games for half a decade or longer like *cough, Shopko, Kmart, Walmart* hoping that 5 years from now when they finally mark it down to $20 people will buy it.... What I'm saying is this isn't a news flash!! Target is a great company and they don't keep old stuff on their shelves. They'd rather discount, flip and be rid of said games to make way for sellers. Rinse & repeat. It's a good business model and apparently it works because they've been doing it for years. Not only that but you walk into a Target and they don't have hundreds of outdated games still priced @ $20-40.

For those of you who don't have Rayman Origins. Do yourself a favor & see if it's available around you. It's a brilliant game.

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Laxman2448d ago

This was one of the best games of 2011, defiantely deserved more than this. At least it made money (although not much). Hopefully it sells well on the PS Vita.

f7897902448d ago

It was one of the top games on the Vita thankfully. It was an amazing game.

My girlfriend loved it a lot more than the idiotic new super mario bro. which is just a bunch of screaming at your friends for jumping on you.

mcstorm2448d ago

I was thinking of picking this game up for the PSV but it is not more expensive than the 360 and PS3 versions so I may pick it up for one of them over my psv.

But I have fond a lot of good games have not sold well this gen. It has all been about fps this gen and if its not got guns in people are not picking the game up unless its a Nintendo game.

TekoIie2448d ago

Its a brilliant game but this is just how things go. I remember seeing this at E3 and was amazed by it.

Ubisoft always have a good conference tho. No hype like EA and MS, they just say it how it is and show the game. Then let us decide if its good or not :)

Smashbro292448d ago

I agree. I bought it new though so... Yeah.

typikal822448d ago

I bought it new, for $20 at TRU

u say poor rayman, i say poor us

dark-hollow2448d ago

Thanks a lot, gamers!
You cry about lack of innovation and taking risks but when they do you don't support them.

How sad.