Some Of Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Is Now Available For Free

Gaming Blend "Capcom has extended the olive branch like they said they would and have released tidbits of DLC to assuage angry gamers over the disc-locked content scandal. Today sees 12 free colors, Gems and preset-combos being made available to the general public."

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Panaru2447d ago

Lol, I'm pretty sure "colors and gems" aren't what people are pissed about. It's the fact that there are 12 complete characters on the disc that they can't use.

I wish I was Capcom so my victims would pay me to rape them.

Fez2447d ago

They know they've done something wrong when they're offering free stuff.

GearSkiN2447d ago

I'm gonna sign up for gamefly and get this game. Report it thta its lost then cancel my free trail. Free copy for me so I won't b e pissed DLing the 12 character hehehe