Devil May Cry 4 (low quality/shaky cam) gameplay video

Good enough to see it is extremely fluid. High Quality should be available soon.

Update: A better version is now up at GameVideos  (thanks -icdedppl )

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kingboy3776d ago

blaster baby! let the games begin

CAPS LOCK3776d ago

it looked very good, but i need to see better quality and longer videos, people plz buy hi def cameras.

andy capps3776d ago

Wow, looking great, can't wait to see some direct feed videos in HD.

Gamer133776d ago

Can,t wait to play it.

LiquifiedArt3776d ago

played a DMC game, but let me tell you, it looks fun and fast paced. I might just have to acknowledge another series.!!

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The story is too old to be commented.