Ninja Gaiden 3 - Falcon Claws Gameplay Footage

Gamers Xtreme (Glacier928): "Ninja Gaiden 3 just received its patch update that added the Falcon Claws, a higher unlockable difficulty and a new multiplayer map. I recorded gameplay footage showcasing the beginning of the game with how the Falcon Claws fare out. What I can definitely say is that it’s refreshing to have this weapon back from Ninja Gaiden II. However, the brutal obliteration moves Hayabusa pulls off with the claws are the star of the show. Check it out to see Hayabusa’s second weapon in action!"

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Megaman_nerd2444d ago

not even the addition of weapons can save this stinker, the flaws run too deep just like with FFXIII. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

Raider692444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

To late!ts better to deliver the IP to Itakagi in order to save it in the future!At least make him a consulter for future NG games.

Reaper99372444d ago

I really don't see the point in waisting resources and money making DLC for a failed game.

jthamind2444d ago

i actually applaud the fact that they're continuing to support the game with FREE DLC. for all the complaining people have done about day one DLC and overpriced DLC, at least Team Ninja is trying to add something to their product at no cost.

my problem, however, is with the weapons they chose. in both Ninja Gaiden 2 and Sigma 2, the Falcon Talons and Scythe are two of the worst weapons in the game. instead of getting something awesome like the tonfa or kusarigama, we get two of the less enjoyable weapons. like i said, i'm glad they're supporting the game for free, i just wish they would have picked better weapons.

Seraphim2444d ago

I can neither agree nor disagree because you do make a valid point.

Though stating both the Talons & Scythe are the two worst weapons in the game is opinion I'd have to partially disagree with you on. While not the best I actually really enjoy the Talons in NG2 & later in Sigma 2. Clumsy at times, yes, but once I got use to them I really enjoyed them to some degree & used them often enough. Actually, now that I think of it, there's many practical uses you could find for them in a NG game outside of Combat but that's another discussion. The Scythe on the other hand was BA but slow, though powerful. If I recall I never, or very very rarely ever used the Scythe but you have to admit, it was one BA weapon. It's really a shame the weapons were axed from NG3 but in all honesty it's a shame they chose the route they did on so many different levels. I just hope NG4 capitalizes on what 2 was and brings back what us fans love about & in the series.

jthamind2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

when i say they're two of the worst weapons in both games, i mean from a practical standpoint. i'm not talking about enjoyment, because any weapon in the game can be enjoyed once you learn how to use it.

what i mean is that in ANY situation, the talons and scythe get outclassed by almost every weapon. when it comes to fighting bosses, the dual swords, dragon sword, and tonfa reign supreme. when it comes to taking on hoards of enemies, those three weapons plus the lunar are all better. as far as ghost fish, the lunar and flails are the best. when it comes to UTs, the tonfa, BotA and lunar are kings.

there's just literally no situation where the talons and scythe are the best choice, or even the second or third best choice. they're just not as useful. the talons have the nice flying swallow into izuna drop combo (a beginners combo), and the scythe has a decent UT only if you catch all the enemies in a straight line. neither of those two qualities, however, are enough to raise them from the bottom of the weapons list in either game.

and for the record, i have over 1000g in NG2 and the platinum in NGS2, so i'm not speaking out of ignorance. i know all the weapons' strengths and weaknesses, and those two have more weaknesses than strengths and are always outclassed.

with that said, if you or anyone else enjoys them, that's perfectly fine. my "less enjoyable" comment was a personal opinion.

*edit* also, bubbles for being a fellow Ninja Gaiden fan. lol.

Seraphim2444d ago

that I can agree, very well said.

I'm just happy to have a reason to hopefully go back and play NG3 again once I do wrap it up. Yeah I've been slacking. Though I do hope other weapons are added for free. I doubt any other complaints would be fixed in NG3 so I look forward to the future...

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