G4TV- Rock Band Blitz Hands-on Preview -- Arcade Rocking in the Downloadable World

G4TV- Harmonix’s Rock Band franchise has been laying low since the release of Rock Band 3, with yearly releases of high-profile plastic-instrument orgies a relic of gaming days gone by. But Rock Band Blitz, an upcoming downloadable title, points to a bright, but scaled down future for the series.

Blitz is a downloadable music game along the lines of Amplitude or Frequency that aims to take the rhythms and melodies from your favorite music and transform them into gaming elements in a flat-out action arcade game. It’s part-beat matching, part pinball, and judging from my playtime, all fast-paced, arcadey fun, especially if you’re a music fan. If you hate music, maybe do something else.

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sabu082442d ago

im unsure about this , i think it may fail