DmC Devil May Cry - 8 reasons Ninja Theory’s reboot was needed, and might be amazing

GamesRadar writes: "What's wrong? Sad that the Dante you knew and grew up with has been replaced with some punk kid? Sorry. It had to happen. But before you throw up your arms in protest, let's consider that it might actually be not only a necessary update, but an awesome one.

The Devil May Cry series was ready for change - heck, it needed one, badly, and there's a good chance Ninja Theory's reboot is just what DmC needed to blast back into relevancy. "

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ritsuka6662444d ago

Totally forgot about this game... can't believe its STILL in development...

WildArmed2444d ago

Aye, just when I was happy about getting my DMC HD Collection soon. Now I remember about this and now i'm all sad how the franchise is falling to it's knees.

Noctis Aftermath2444d ago

My issue with the game is how they changed the way dante looks, 30 fps of course blows, but changing him from looking like a badass to looking like a goth junkie transexual? no thanks.

"But before you throw up your arms in protest" i won't be throwing my arms up in protest, i will simply walk away after throwing up first.

WolfLeBlack2444d ago

I've played all four DMC games and loved all of them except for one, but I'm still more than willing to give this a go.

In a world where people complain almost all the time that developers and publishers aren't willing to try new and radical things with their franchises it's a nice to see.

Now, all I have to do is hope they don't much it up and provide an interesting new take on DMC. If they do muck up, I'll be getting the pitchfork and torch out.

Megaman_nerd2444d ago

at 30frames what else can NT do better other than cinematics anyway? The gameplay will be even more button masher than NG3 that's for sure and that was the soul of the series to begin with. So after that, can you still call this reboot a Devil May Cry game?

Now look at the art style, all the anime inspiration were changed for Twilight kind of crap and non needed story-telling. Only a newcomer would take this game seriously if you ask me.

Frankfurt2444d ago

There's NEVER been an "amazing" 30fps action game. Ever.

A shooter, maybe. But action, fighting and rythmn? Nope. Cutting the responsiveness in half in genres that are ABOUT responsiveness? No.

Lord_Sloth2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

It wasn't needed. The series stumbled just a bit with DMC4 and not by much at all. It was fine going along the path it had. We don't need some British guy's take on what cool was in the 70s!

We don't need to make Dante into a punk kid with a bad haircut ripped straight from the Outsiders as a "rebel without a cause" type who's trying to "stick it to the man" as a self proclaimed, brooding Anti-Hero stereotype!

And we sure as hell don't need to cut back the fast paced combat that makes DMC DMC!

-Ninja-2444d ago

The reboot was NOT needed. The fan backlash was proof that it wasnt needed. Capcom can shove this crap up their collective ass.

ziggurcat2444d ago

the only thing the fan backlash proves is that gamers cry, and whine about the smallest things.

it's just a character model, ffs... get over it.

Lord_Sloth2444d ago

NO! It's not just a model change. It's the whole damn feel and attitude. The gameplay itself is even changing!

This extends far beyond black hair and anorexia! Research before you speak. You'll come off as less of an idiot that way.

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The story is too old to be commented.