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DmC Devil May Cry - 8 reasons Ninja Theory’s reboot was needed, and might be amazing

GamesRadar writes: "What's wrong? Sad that the Dante you knew and grew up with has been replaced with some punk kid? Sorry. It had to happen. But before you throw up your arms in protest, let's consider that it might actually be not only a necessary update, but an awesome one.

The Devil May Cry series was ready for change - heck, it needed one, badly, and there's a good chance Ninja Theory's reboot is just what DmC needed to blast back into relevancy. " (Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4, DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

ritsuka666  +   1151d ago
Totally forgot about this game... can't believe its STILL in development...
WildArmed  +   1151d ago
Aye, just when I was happy about getting my DMC HD Collection soon. Now I remember about this and now i'm all sad how the franchise is falling to it's knees.
Noctis Aftermath  +   1151d ago
My issue with the game is how they changed the way dante looks, 30 fps of course blows, but changing him from looking like a badass to looking like a goth junkie transexual? no thanks.

"But before you throw up your arms in protest" i won't be throwing my arms up in protest, i will simply walk away after throwing up first.
WolfLeBlack  +   1151d ago
I've played all four DMC games and loved all of them except for one, but I'm still more than willing to give this a go.

In a world where people complain almost all the time that developers and publishers aren't willing to try new and radical things with their franchises it's a nice to see.

Now, all I have to do is hope they don't much it up and provide an interesting new take on DMC. If they do muck up, I'll be getting the pitchfork and torch out.
Megaman_nerd  +   1151d ago
at 30frames what else can NT do better other than cinematics anyway? The gameplay will be even more button masher than NG3 that's for sure and that was the soul of the series to begin with. So after that, can you still call this reboot a Devil May Cry game?

Now look at the art style, all the anime inspiration were changed for Twilight kind of crap and non needed story-telling. Only a newcomer would take this game seriously if you ask me.
Frankfurt  +   1151d ago
There's NEVER been an "amazing" 30fps action game. Ever.

A shooter, maybe. But action, fighting and rythmn? Nope. Cutting the responsiveness in half in genres that are ABOUT responsiveness? No.
Lord_Sloth  +   1151d ago
It wasn't needed. The series stumbled just a bit with DMC4 and not by much at all. It was fine going along the path it had. We don't need some British guy's take on what cool was in the 70s!

We don't need to make Dante into a punk kid with a bad haircut ripped straight from the Outsiders as a "rebel without a cause" type who's trying to "stick it to the man" as a self proclaimed, brooding Anti-Hero stereotype!

And we sure as hell don't need to cut back the fast paced combat that makes DMC DMC!
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-Ninja-  +   1151d ago
The reboot was NOT needed. The fan backlash was proof that it wasnt needed. Capcom can shove this crap up their collective ass.
ziggurcat  +   1151d ago
the only thing the fan backlash proves is that gamers cry, and whine about the smallest things.

it's just a character model, ffs... get over it.
Lord_Sloth  +   1151d ago
NO! It's not just a model change. It's the whole damn feel and attitude. The gameplay itself is even changing!

This extends far beyond black hair and anorexia! Research before you speak. You'll come off as less of an idiot that way.
RyuX19  +   1151d ago
This article is bullshit. Look at reason number 7 they just lost all their credibility.
fei-hung  +   1151d ago
I was expecting this. Crapcom must be behind this. 1st the dish out of average and just above average DMC trilogy scores followed by high praises and hope for remake.

The trilogy to cash in on the core DMC fans and the high hopes n good reviews of the reboot to prove fans wrong and sell to a new crowd.

My 8 reasons why it should fail:

1) 30fps = not solid smooth and fast combat
2) gameplay sacrificed for dynamic world.
3) complete change of the much loved DMC history from Dante right down to his parents.
4) no Ebony and Ivory and unlimited fast shooting. The guns now apparently overheat!
5) dubstep not metal and rock!
6) japanese anime style humor and action exchanged for NT humor and story = not OTT and crazy
7) Dante is no longer cool, funny and badass, he is annoying, slow and angry child like, similar to a yob
8) NT havent to this very day proven they are capable of creating excellent combat and platforminf mechanics

As a bonus, I'll throw in 3 more reasons for good measure:

1) unlike previous DMC games, the graphics look bland
2) the story may be told better as NT are good at this, but its boring compared to the previous DMC's.
3) Tameem openly said he will not compete with Bayonetta gameplay (which by far had the most kick ass hack n slash gameplay) as it is too OTT. He rather go with a more realistic approach with the story and gameplay.

The logic NT and Crapcom have used is simple: destroy all whoch people like about DNC, create a new game with a developer who is arrogant, egotistic and average and slap on the DMC name to sell it.

When people reboot, they keep the core story, history, values and features the same. The changes are made in areas where it can be improved or tell the story from another perspective. This isnt a reboot, this isnt a remake, this is like Michael Bays trolling of TMNT. no longer are they pets mutated through chemicals in the swewer, they are now space aliens!!!
-Ninja-  +   1151d ago
The guns overheat!!!
Rot in hell NT, you bastards.
fei-hung  +   1151d ago
Here is the info on the overheating guns business. Not sure how true it is but it goes hand in hand with the "realistic" feel Tameem is after. Someone also please explain how a morphing, alive world trying to kill you is realistic :s

ThanatosDMC  +   1151d ago
WTF?! I didnt know that... wtf!!!?
Information Minister  +   1150d ago
Between this game, Megaman Legends 3 and all the DLC madness, CAPCOM is dead to me.
Noctis Aftermath  +   1151d ago
I can't believe he actually said they aren't competing with bayonetta in gameplay, that is basically telling all DMC fans to not bother buying the game.
fei-hung  +   1151d ago
Here is the article dude:

ThanatosDMC  +   1151d ago
They're saying "We're gonna make DMC fans puke their guts out."
ziggurcat  +   1151d ago
jesus christ you people are just as awful as mass effect fans...
Hicken  +   1151d ago
Here's the problem with your... problem with people's... problems:

In both these cases, the games have very large fanbases that, over the course of multiple titles, have come to expect certain things from the franchise.

In the case of ME3, the developers themselves stated that the game would have things that it actually DOES NOT; all the choices you made previously that were rather weighty in the first two games makes virtually NO DIFFERENCE in the third game (to say nothing of the choices made WITHIN the third game).

As for DmC, recreating a well-known character is always dangerous. And the FIRST thing you have to do is make sure the fans of the original design are okay with it. I mean, Mario wouldn't really work as a six foot tall black guy with blue hair. The DMC games also presented a very distinct gameplay style; that, along with Dante's iconic look, were the definitive traits of Devil May Cry.

Influential choices. Fast-paced gameplay. These are cornerstones of these two franchises, respectively. And it's a large part of why fans like each series. So when these things are missing or poorly implemented, you can bet your ass people are gonna complain. And as they're the ones the games are aimed at, why the hell WOULDN'T they have the right to complain?

If you don't understand that, there's just no hope for you.
fei-hung  +   1151d ago
Wrong and for simple logical reasons:

1) mass effect fans didnt have gameplay compromised
2) mass effect fans didnt have the theme or history of mass effect compromised
3) mass effect fans were unhappy about being blatantly lied to about multiple endings and the whole premise of choices and how they affect the outcome.

DMC fans are pissed for having something they loved and grew up with over the last 10+ years torn up and ripped to shreds. If it were an improvement, it would be fine. Bayonetta was an improvement, GoW had its own thing going etc, but this is replacing something good with something shite.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1151d ago
While I have no problem with that opinion, does no one else think that it's more than just a little ridiculous to be making judgements like that before the game is released? Especially considering that in general, previews and hands-on articles from sites all over have been almost universally positive about the game so far.
TheGrimReaper  +   1151d ago
Things I loved about DmC:
The main character
His background story
The gothic themed world
The metal soundtrack
The fastpaced 60fps gameplay
over-the-top japanese feeling (hard to describe xD)

From what I've seen, heard and read about this reboot this game won't be for me!
Why do I hope it won't sell too good?
I want another oldschool DmC!
Maybe it'll be a good game but it won't be a good DmC!
IMHO it is going to be the worst of the series (and yes I've played DmC 2 ;) )
Bimkoblerutso  +   1151d ago
Game looks awesome. Haters gonna hate.
J86blum  +   1151d ago
Capcom is just dead in the water and everyone else is just feeding off the corpse.
All these titles have had issues/problems/backlash/compl aints.

Mega Man
Street Fighter 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Street Fighter X Tekken
Devil May Cry
Bionic Commando
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil Mercs
Resident Evil Operation Racoon
Asuras Wrath
Breath of Fire
Dead Rising 2

So fworth and so on, this Generation and Capcom are not seeing eye to eye.
Ghost250  +   1151d ago
you forgot onimusha
Hatiko  +   1151d ago
NT can create interesting characters and stories?!
Let's look, enslaved was based off a book and Heavenly Sword was the typical "Person sacrifices themself to save clan, she wasn't the hero the people wanted, but the one they needed".
And none of the characters they created were good, except the villain in Heavenly Sword, but that is done purely by Andy Serkis' amazing acting skills rather than anything NT could do.
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VirtualSamadhi  +   1151d ago
I don't know about you, but I get sick of these sad articles justifying poor decision making by marketing folk designing games! "Well, games cost more! Let's write an article about why it's 'okay' used games are no longer eligible for sale due to gamer tags."

Okay, justify publishing companies, but where is an article justifying the gamer's perspectives that we WANT used games, and think games SHOULD cost less, because we can't afford the $$$?

It goes to prove these games sites are all paid off by marketing corporations and games publishing companies, and we should just ignore their articles, and by extension, reviews. Justifying the opponent is just SAD...! "Well, you just lost, and got a seven foot scimitar shoved up your a$$! But on the bright side, you got a brand new SCIMITAR." :/
TheMutator  +   1151d ago
ohhh God no, dont start with this DmC crap again , noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! !!!!!!!!

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