New XCOM: Enemy Unknown Screen Shots & Video

T-Hill writes: When I first caught the FPS XCOM game I was really impressed and then I found out that it was part of a long lasting franchise from yester year that had a diehard following.

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Dante1122447d ago

This looks pretty fun. When does it come out?

yog-sothot2447d ago

Fall 2012

no specific date available as far as I know

Saryk2447d ago

Played all of the originals, but the quick look I just made. It looks like a new type of Mass Effect......but that is my impression.

BlackTar1872447d ago

played all the originals. This looks way better then i thought looks like fun can wait to play

SageHonor2447d ago

This is definitely on my radar

HoneyBadger2447d ago

Can not wait for this game

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