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Legasista Exclucive RPG for PS3: Debut Trailer & Screen Shots

T-Hill writes: Legasista brings back feelings of nostalgia, seeing it reminds me of my days playing Secret Of Mana! Being able to switch out players on the fly will make the classic RPG gridng, that much more manageable. Exclusive for the PS3, we will see if this title can live up to the bar set by it’s predecessors. (Meikyu Toro Legasista, PS3)

Dante112  +   934d ago
Man, Sony sure is pumping out those exclusives. I love that they have a variety of genres instead of just exclusive shooters as well (More options).
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j-blaze  +   934d ago
"Man, Sony sure is pumping out those exclusives"

say that when the game is made by a Sony owned studio.....(More options) for stupid comments from the disgusting ps3fanbois on n4g
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Jake_the_Dog  +   934d ago
Someone's angry that their xbox has no games.
Snookies12  +   934d ago
Hahahaha, classic NIS trailer in the second half after the song... The whole reason I bought Disgaea 4 day one was because it had the most hilarious trailer I'd ever seen for a game. (I do not regret that amazing purchase by the way.)

This game looks really cool though! Reminds me of old school stuff, and if it's anything like the Disgaea series, it'll have at least 100+ hours of gameplay you can put into it. XD

EDIT: Wait, PSN? So it's a PSN game? That is awesome if it's not going to be 60 dollars!
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Persistantthug  +   934d ago
dark-hollow  +   934d ago
Jrpgs are always welcomed in my book.
rhap  +   934d ago
Great games coming this year for PS3, looking forward Mugen Souls as well.
Gamer1982  +   934d ago
Wow this is old skool. I like old skool but not this old.. LOL bring back suikoden damn it! I know its a differnt dev but I miss 2D classic JRPGs like Suikoden and Breath Of Fire on consoles. Damn graphics ruined everything!
izumo_lee  +   934d ago
This is why i absolutely love NIS/NISA cause they know their fan base! And for that i will continue to support these guys.

Legasista reminds me a little of 3D Dot Game Heroes for its old school mentality. It also is very similar to Half Minute Hero. Sometimes old school games can be really great cause it surprises you, so i hope the same can be said with Legasista.
Jourdy288  +   934d ago
Sigh... BRING IT TO 360!

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