New Battlefield 3 – Rent a Server Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: Battlefield 3 took the FPS genre by storm last year and hasn’t let go since. This strangle hold of quality content…minus the latest patch has provided gamers countless hours of bullet pounding bliss.

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Dante1121940d ago

Nice idea, hope it works out for DICE.

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TABSF1940d ago

Very expensive (£47.99 for 90 days) considering you get pretty much the same thing on PC for Free

I always find matches with setting I want :/

Jovahkiin1940d ago

230e a year is very hefty. I just want to play a private match like in BC2 and 90% of other multiplayer games.

HoneyBadger1940d ago

Have to see if this idea works

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