Arstechnica Review- Kinect Star Wars squanders promise with "Simon Says" gameplay

Arstechnica- When Microsoft showed off its vision for the future of its Kinect 3D motion-sensing camera at last year's E3 press conference, the centerpiece of the staged presentation was a player pantomiming the motions of a Jedi Knight and seeing his lightsaber-wielding avatar mimic them on the massive screen in front of him. It was a moment full of promise, and one that probably crystallized many audience members' childhood dreams of actually being a Jedi, or at least coming as close as technology would allow.

Those dreams are likely to shatter into pieces, though, once people actually play the incredibly unimaginatively titled Kinect Star Wars, which squanders its potential to really make players feel like a Jedi through an overly restrictive and narrow design.

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Dante1122443d ago

Wow, this game sounds really awful. Had me dying when a saw IGN's review video where there would be random dance sequences in the middle of fights.