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Top 10 Gaming Headsets for 2012

If you’re a gamer playing on an HD TV and still using the built in speakers, you’re just not getting the best of both worlds. While the average gamer is surprisingly 37 years old, there are still a big chunk of us that can’t afford, or don’t have the space to own an additional surround set. There is a solution to this problem though, and it all begins with the same principles. What kind of sound do you prefer? You may not know the differences between any of the sound configurations, but Yeousch is going to get a top 10 headset list with reasoning behind the ranking, and a general price you can find them at. (Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Tech, TRITTON Technologies Inc., Turtle Beach, Xbox 360) -

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-Mezzo-  +   1331d ago
Excellent list, i use 'Wireless Stereo Headset (PlayStation 3)', it's amazing.
ItsMeAgain  +   1330d ago
Same, fantastic sound + you can hook it up to the PC.
Boody-Bandit  +   1330d ago
The PS3 wireless headphones are decent pair of phones for their price point but I cant help but be some what disappointed by this very limited list of gaming headphones. There are more manufacturers on the market then Tritton, Turtle Beach n Astro.

Where are Byerdynamics, Razer, Logitech, Steel Series and Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D? All of those phones could, and most should, be placed on a list of top 10 gaming phones.

I also disagree with the top spot going to the Tritton AX Pros. Even if you don't include the other manufacturers I listed above, I would give the top spot of the phones listed to the Astro's and 2nd place to the Turtle Beach PX5's and then the Tritton AX Pro.

Both the Astros and TB PX5's have better overall sound quality and clarity over the Tritton AX Pro. I have owned or tried them all.

My personal preference is a good mixamp with stand alone cans. I use both my Astro mixamp and Recon 3D with my Denon 5000 and Sennheiser 650's with a clip on mic.

If you guys haven't tried them out give the Creative Blaster Recon 3D a try. They are exceptional cans with really good sounding mic. The best part is now there are so many options for gamers today. You cant go wrong with nearly any of them regardless of your budget.
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stevenhiggster  +   1330d ago

Not to mention the fact that the picture for the article is the Corsair Vengeance headset, yet no mention of them on the list.

And tbh I have the Turtle Beach PX3's and they should never be so high. They are very comfortable but the sound quality is pretty weak, no mid whatsoever and the build quality is terrible.
I honestly don't rate many gaming headsets, you are far better off with just a really good set of headphones and a separate mic, if it's sound quality your after. 90% of gaming headsets are overpriced junk.

Maybe I've just been spoiled by years of DJ'ing so I know what a really good set of headphones sound like. I use a set of Sony MDR V700 monitor cans and they are a million miles better than any gaming headset, and not as expensive as some (obviously they have no mic though).
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Boody-Bandit  +   1330d ago
Agreed StevenH.

I guess those disagreeing with me just don't know there are a hell of a lot more options than what is listed in this article.

Can't believe I left Corsair off my list. But in my defense I didn't even notice the picture. When ever I see anything having to do with electronics I just go right to the source to see what they consider top picks. I am always disappointed with these list. Don't these sites have any real world experience? Dumb question on my part since the obvious answer is no.

I had a pair of Sony MDR V700's. They are excellent. Man if I could justify it to the wifey I would own dozens of pairs of cans but for what I need them for my 650's and D5000 are overkill since I use them strictly for gaming.

I guess we need an actual audiophile site to compile a list of cans that can be used for gaming. My next upgrade is going to be the Beyerdynamic Headzone Game 5.1 mixamp. It has received so many great reviews from sources I trust. Pricey but you get what you pay for.
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STONEY4  +   1330d ago
I agrew about the stand-alone cans. The Sennheiser HD 598 with a mic and Astro mixamp blows any "gaming" headset away. They have HUGE soundstages, and are pretty nice for music. I use those for gaming, and Ultrasone HFI-580s for music.
FredEffinChopin  +   1330d ago
What did they list "batteries not replaceable" as a downside? I thought people preferred things that you could charge... I know I do.

But yeah, I'm very happy with mine. The surround works great for PS3 games, and the quality of it in stereo is really good too. Good enough that I often use it to listen to music from my laptop.
CarlitoBrigante  +   1330d ago
The best gaming headset is the Sony Wireless Headset. It has 7.1 surround sound and excellent clear microphone for under 100 bucks.
TopDudeMan  +   1330d ago
Yeah, I also have that headset. I had the turtle beach PX3s before that and ended up returning them because they were severely interfering with my wireless internet. But the sony wireless stereo headset is much better in that aspect.
Anon1974  +   1330d ago
I received the Sony headset from my wife for Christmas this year and couldn't be happier with it. I find it very comfortable as well, and it holds a surprisingly good charge for me. I don't know exactly, but I think I get over 8 hours of use between charges. Sounds great as well and I hardly notice I'm wearing it when I get into the game. I'm also quite happy with the surround. There's no trouble figuring out where a sound is coming from in 3d space with the surround.
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BustedDpad  +   1331d ago
Love it. Astro A40s FTW
BattleTorn  +   1330d ago
Good to hear!

I literally place my order for a pair of A40s yesterday. (I was worried opening the article)

Up till now I've gone through a few headsets within the last year actually.

The Tritton 7.1 Gears of War 3 special edition headset sucked, the earphones hang when the illuminating logo went on. (I went through two warranty replacement - same thing. I still have a credit with Tritton)

And the PX3, which were an absolute delight!
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Elite-uk  +   1331d ago
I own a pair of PX5's, and the last statement he makes is complete & utter BS!......

"Downsides A lot of wires needed which can cause a hectic mess (The headset is 100% wireless from the stand, there is 2 wires usb & toslink connected to the stand.)

& Microphone not removable (wrong you can take it off, and even buy a replacement)

-2.4GHz wireless transmitting frequency can interfere with other wireless devices (OK this maybe true, but I've had none, so i guess it depends on ya setup.)

-Requires batteries, though 2xAA are included. (not rechargeable) (U Can however buy chargies for like £5.)

-Works only on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Again Wrong, They work on PC, either in 5.1/7.1 via the supplied toslink or in stereo via any Bluetooth adapter!.
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mattryanharris  +   1331d ago
Always use Astro A40s, expensive but so worth it.
Elite-uk  +   1331d ago
I own a pair of PX5's, and the last statement he makes is complete & utter BS!......

"Downsides A lot of wires needed which can cause a hectic mess (The headset is 100% wireless from the stand, there is 2 wires usb & toslink connected to the stand.)

& Microphone not removable (wrong you can take it off, and even buy a replacement)

-2.4GHz wireless transmitting frequency can interfere with other wireless devices (OK this maybe true, but I've had none, so i guess it depends on ya setup.)

-Requires batteries, though 2xAA are included. (not rechargeable) (U Can however buy chargies for like £5.)

-Works only on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Again Wrong, They work on PC, either in 5.1/7.1 via the supplied toslink or in stereo via any Bluetooth adapter!.
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TooTall19  +   1331d ago
The Tritton AxPros are fantastic. I've had mine for a year. There are a lot of cords which some may not like.
geth1gh  +   1330d ago
Yup, the only issue is they are unforgiving if you aren't careful. I barley sat on mine and both cups broke off. But I was able to fix this with some duct tape :D

I actually bought another pair for my friend for xmas because I was so amazed with these.
NobleRed  +   1331d ago
Much old models in the list
Are there any upcoming new 5.1 headsets compatible with ps3?
Elite-uk  +   1331d ago
PX21's. with the dss adapter are good, but can be pricey!.
mynameisEvil  +   1330d ago
The thing about TurtleBeach headsets (I've bought three) if that they seem to be very cheaply put together. They sound fantastic, but what's the point if after only a few short months, they break?

It's not like I'm abusing them or anything. I'm taking fantastic care of these things. Something as simple as adjusting it to fit on my head has broken one. One sliding to my soft carpet floor has broken another. The third just broke while I was wearing them.

Come on, I buy these things for $70 - $150. I want them to be useful for more than half a year, at the VERY least. Yet I've never had a TurtleBeach do that.

So overrated.
caseh  +   1330d ago
I picked up a pair of PX21's but I found the cabling setup on PS3 to be a mess of cabling plus the mic on my ones was either over sensitive or not picking up everything I was saying. Spent more time adjusting the distance of the mic from my face than I did using them in the end.
Plagasx  +   1330d ago
Gaming Headsets suck. Get yourself a pair of high end Sennheiser headphones with a kick ass sound card and you will be blown away.
ExCest  +   1330d ago
Idiot. We're talking about gaming headsets, not headphones. Obviously headphones designed for sound will sound better than a gaming headset designed for games. BTW Einstein, studio headphones don't have surround sound. Sorry if I sound butthurt but you're really an idiot for posting that here.
nanometric  +   1330d ago
That's why I bought Sennheiser HD598 and astro mixamp, superb sound quality with 5.1/7.1 support ;)

P.S. I didn't disagree thou :)
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BraveToaster  +   1330d ago
Studio headphones do have surround sound. Virtual surround sound. Any pair of stereo headphones can have virtual surround sound. Most of these gaming headsets are stereo, though some of them have a few different drivers crammed into each side. With those ones you get a bunch of cheap drivers.
Eiffel  +   1330d ago
I'm currently using a pair of Turtle Beach PX3s, really solid quality headset that supports PS3, 360, and PC. Plus 10 hour battery life, no need to replace the batteries, built in rechargeable. Love them.
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Mc187  +   1330d ago
Same here and I love them
Laxman  +   1330d ago
From the comments, the Astro's seem to be pretty good. Can anyone tell me about thier battery life? I use a pair of Turtle Beach X41's, they sound great, but I find the battery life is pretty disappointing.
nanometric  +   1330d ago
Well, the real beauty of Astros is their MixAmp and not the headset (haven’t used it though). If you already have a pair of good headphones then you only need the mixamp. With that thing (and Senn HD598) I don’t need no UAVs in COD, I already have a 3D one in my head/ears ;)

Btw, you don't need batteries if you buy the old version (wired, USB power), but you can use them to power the MixAmp. It needs 4 AA batteries and I think it burns through them in ~20hrs, not sure though.
NoobJobz  +   1330d ago
The average gamer is 37?
ian72  +   1330d ago
I'm 39 nearly 40, a gamer and would say average at most things.;)

I have read a few times that the average age for people who play games is around mid 30's. I seem to meet more people in 20's online though.
NoobJobz  +   1330d ago
I know people in their thirties that play as well. Im just baffled by the number because they're are millions and millions of teens or preteens online. So to average out to 37, wouldn't their have to be an insane number of 40-50 year olds?

Edit: the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I was just imagining Xbox Live at first. But I realize their are more gaming options than just Xbox live. I wasn't even taking into account PCs or PS3s, etc.
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Euthanasia78  +   1330d ago
I'm 33. Most gamers are older, and we grew up with the gaming industry. Gaming isn't only for 12 year old MW3 fans. It's diverse. This is why I don't argue with anyone online. I'm probably arguing with a kid, so I don't bother LOL. I just look at some of the comments and literally laugh out loud at how uninformed and immature they are.
aquamala  +   1330d ago
if you include people that play games once in a while, yeah I think that sounds right. but who has the most time to play video games? of course it's mostly kids and college kids.

the average age of people you play online with are not 37, adults with jobs and responsibilities don't have time to play games all day.
PAYNEinc85  +   1330d ago
Everyone I know who has had a Tritton has had problems with them. Whether it be the durability or poor voice chat. Sometimes the voice chat will work and sometimes you gotta waste 10 minutes getting the mic just in the right spot to pick up. A friend of mine has a pair of A40's. The chat on it is terrible. He is about twice as loud as everyone else. Sounds like he is screaming at everyone.
OcelotRigz  +   1330d ago
I got the Turtle Beach P11's, the cheapest models available i think, got it for BF3 but use them for all gaming now, just love them, make a huge difference to your experience with its crisp sound and with all the little sounds you wouldn't notice thru the tv.

The mic is great too, the inline chat/game volume control is so handy.

I think the quality of my headset, comfort and sound, is top notch, so i would love to see how good the more expensive models are.
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Tunerboy8732  +   1330d ago
I used to have the AX720's but after a couple days I returned them and waited for the ps3 wireless stereo headset to be released and I use them all the time for everything (games,blu ray movies and music sometimes too).The AX720's were nice but I wear glasses and they pressed my glasses against my head so much to the point that the back of my ear would get sore after about an hour of gaming but the official ps3 headset is alot more comfortable for me plus there wireless which is a big bonus.
C_Menz  +   1330d ago
I've been using Tritton AX Pro's for the past year+, got them on an Amazon deal for $89(what a steal) and they have been awesome ever since. I use them on my PS3 and PC over normal speakers since they sound so good.

The article talks about the amount of cables as a problem, but they arent that bad. There are multiple cables connecting to the main box, but for the headset itself there is only one. So all those annoying wires are easily hidden.
JellyJelly  +   1330d ago
I use a pair of Sound Blaster Tactic360 Sigma and from my experience they have better sound and build quality than the Turtle Beach X12's and Tritton AX 180's.

Related image(s)
cyborg6971  +   1330d ago
I've got the dpx 21's and have gone through two of them. The drivers on the left side of both have blown out. I like them but I think that they must have gotten a bunch of bad drivers or there is a design flaw because the set I have now seem to be going out on the left side again.
If I got the astro amp mixer and a high end headset would the mix amp work with my ps3?
jagstatboy  +   1330d ago
Anyone know if there exists wireless headphones that can be used both on the PS3 and with a stereo receiver? I'm looking to game with them and watch TV too. I've got all my stuff hooked to an Onkyo.
Quisp  +   1330d ago
Ive owned the wired Trittons which sounded decent, but, the wires were a hassle.
Ive found Turtle Beach to be a bit over-rated for the price.

I bought a $99 Wireless Logitech F540 headset and for the money, I think its the best option for those of us who have both Xbox and Ps3 consoles--it works on both, wirelessly.
It has independent voice and game volume rollers. Decently constructed.
jaymart2k  +   1330d ago

The XP300 is a truly wireless universal stereo headset with rechargeable batteries,bluetooth,5ghz wifi. So no interference.

The XP400 is the same but it's surround sound.
Arkrite  +   1330d ago
px21 and ax pro
i've had TB px21's sound great but fell apart after a few months just like 5 of my friends sets did
now own Tritton ax pros they sound amazing and do give you a big advantage imo, none of this SIMULATED 5.1 7.1 s**t, true 5.1 surround sound, quality control is another matter tho, 1st set arrived not working, 2nd set volume dial didnt work, 3rd set worked, have just returned them 4 months after getting them a problem arose when the main headset lead decided to start shrinking and showing off the internal wiring loom, no qualms from madcatz(uk tritton suppliers) replacements are due anytime fingers x they'll work 1st time LOL
kingPoS  +   1330d ago
The sony ps3 Wireless Stereo Headset are great in that they
don't mess with my wifi setup. And the usb dongle means 0%
wires. Which is great because a broken headphone jack on
my laptop usually dosn't produce very good sound.
(somehow mine broke)
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