Jessica Chobot appologizes for her stance on Mass Effect 3

After posting a blog update last week on IGN that left Mass Effect fans quite unhappy, Jessica Chobot has issued an apology for her comments on the game's ending.

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Megaton2449d ago

She brought little more than poor voice work to ME3. Sucks that BioWare decided to kill off Emily Wong (over Twitter, to boot) to make room for Chobot's crappy character.

TekoIie2449d ago

shame that she was a better voice actor than wongs too...

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Gaming1012449d ago

So what if she got upset when a game she was a character in is being bashed by whiny trolls on the internet? If you had that opportunity to be in a game and conspiracy theorist fanboy trolls bashed it every second they had the chance on their blogs, you'd be a little hurt too.

And so what if she's marginally attractive? You should see the average girl who works at a gaming website, she's practically a gem in comparison, don't be surprised by her getting a ton of career opportunities in an industry filled with undersexed passive aggressive nerds.

badz1492449d ago

she really thinks that she is THAT important and her opinion means shit to any gamer out there! she's on IGN for all the reasons but a gamer, she is not!

Nimblest-Assassin2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I have no clue why Bioware chose her as a VA... but their is something I need to get of my chest.. we guys are a bunch of hypocrites.

We keep telling ourselves that people like Chobot and the G4 girls are fake gamers, but why do they still continue working?

Why are those actual gamer girls always quite?

Because we are just a bunch of horny, idiot,A**holes. Im sorry but it is true.

Look on youtube, hundreds and hundreds of horny teenagers/adults watch the daily fix and that new show Chobot has, and always say they want to f**k either Chobot or Kyle for their bodies. Not their personalities. When they do state their minds, they are instantly told to shut up and lick a game console. Chobot is right about one thing, almost every female celebrity has that scandalous photo. Because thats what we want... T*ts and p*ssys. Not who the girl is as a person.

Why do you think those replygirls on youtube are so prominant and always show cleavage? Because guys click with their d*cks rather than with their heads.

I have a lot of girl gamers as friends, they love gaming so much, but they never use mics because of the sheer number of people who keep asking for nudes or for them to stop playing the ps3/xbox and make them a sammich.

Its even more appalling that people are realizing and saying that they use Chobot for her looks...

Well no sh*t! It has taken you this long to figure that out. I love how people complain about these fake gamer girls and say OH WE NEED REAL GAMERS...and when they hear or see them its always the same drill. Nudes or Sammich.

You want real gamers show the media you are mature enough and that you will give anyone a chance. I watch inside gaming rather than the daily fix because they are trying to be a bunch of lazy jacka**es and I love it. Not some fake, hey guys here is your fix, nonsense.

They probably hate all the people watching their show because the stuff they do is demeaning.

We are hypocrites, don't expect change unless you are able to act mature to females who may not be pretty, but know their stuff.

If you can't do that and want to bang every chick on youtube... might I suggest pornhub?

They actually show their boobs and its just like youtube... or do your parents have the safety filter on?

DigitalRaptor2449d ago

I just don't understand monumental perverts like that. Sure I love tits and ass but it's not that hard to go about it the normal, less creepy way. Must be puberty mixed with gaming addiction and no social life, I guess. After that, it's disturbing.

Megaton2449d ago

I don't subscribe to any of that. I'm not a pent-up teen, ready to sling loads at every pretty face I see on my screen.

I've gamed with girls my entire life, dating back to the SNES. The only females I ever liked on G4 were Morgan Webb and Sarah Lane. All the others were ditzy eye candy and didn't interest me in the slightest. In-fact, I stopped watching AOTS shortly after Munn came in and replaced Lane.

Nimblest-Assassin2449d ago

wow... my agree to digaree are 69.

hmm funny.

But now that Chobot responded to the Dianna Allers controversy, Im going to weight in.

Truth is, why do people care that she is in the game? She is not a major character nor do you have to interact with her at all. I just used her for the 5 war assets and never talked to her after that.

It was pretty much a small cameo, rather than a full on VA. So why are people so up and arms with Chobot in ME3?

They think that because of her, IGN gave the game a 9.5 or she sucked someone at EA/biowares d*ck.

Like I said, I have no idea why they chose her, but they did.

Maybe IGN gave the game a 9.5 because.. you know it was A GREAT GAME MINUS THE ENDING?

Truth is when she was announced as an actor, I just said ok and moved on.

But now people are trying to link her with the poor ending, the picture of Tali, etc.

Seriously, all of these Mass Effect controversies are getting ridiculous.

People need to get over it now, I did 3 weeks ago. It was a bad ending, get over it. Stop displacing your anger onto everything related to Bioware or anyone who defends them.

They are stating their opinion, it does not instantly make them a whore, you have no right to slit their kids throats(someone actually threatened Casey Hudson about that -_-)

You have the right to be angry and demand a new ending... you do not have the right to act like a ... I honestly have no words foul enough to describe the behaviour of some of these people

NOTE: Not all people who are disapointed act like this, most of them behave maturely, the problem is these people are f**king up our reputation

dedicatedtogamers2448d ago

I'm more bothered that Chobot is in the game because it creates a pretty obvious conflict of interest for her and IGN when it comes to their opinions and review of Mass Effect 3.

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Pushagree2449d ago

Why does she even have to apologise? It's her opinion and if you don't like it, too bad. When is the last time you saw somoen on n4g apologise for an opinion? Gamers are becoming one of the most easy to offend groups. Right behind religious nutjobs and political nutjobs.

Nadasico2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Pushagree you are talking semantics, of which should have been obvious to her and everyone else before she wrote it. Which is why she felt the need to apologize in the first place. I don't imagine you would run head first into a bee hive and expect not to get stung. An in return I could say I am sick of people who call them selves journalist. Trying to sit behind these articles an call me entitled or tell me what I should think.

You know what would be really sad is if the gaming industry didn't speak up and let the inexcusable mistakes stand. When that day comes we will see just how many AAA games they will be enjoying. I bet you then they will be yelling where is the out cry for all these publisher driven call of duty wanna be rehash dlc mash ups. Though by then what's left of the gaming industry if you can call it that, will have no voice at all.

An I mean seriously openly insulting people about something you haven't even done yet yourself. That was just asking for it.

hay2449d ago

This topic is 1000 degrees too hot IMO.

DA_SHREDDER2449d ago

Who cares?! All I can think about when I see Jessica is how crazy her doggy style has to be. She's ultra freakin sexy. Anyone who dogs her is a meat gazer.

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PooEgg2449d ago

Not really sure why it is, but she really creeps me out! I would have preferred they kept Emily Wong.

rajman2449d ago

Atleast she has a better body in the game than real life lol

ShiftyLookingCow2449d ago

Those boobs just felt wrong. Way too big and rigid(the oppo of DoA). A slap with those melons would have killed Shepard. And the face, I don't know what to say.

So IMO she looks better in real life.