Microsoft Destroys Beloved Franchise's Last Shred of Dignity

The Special Editions couldn't do it.

The Ewoks coudn't do it.

And while he may have come close, even Jar Jar couldn't do it.

But with LucasArts' latest game for the Xbox 360 (MSFT), the beloved franchise spanning 35 years has finally been stripped of its last shred of dignity.

Employing Kinect's motion-capture controller, Kinect Star Wars allows players to use their whole body to control characters within a land far, far away. Whether it's wielding a lightsaber or piloting an X-Wing, the Xbox game is the closest Star Wars fans have to living within George Lucas' imaginative universe.

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ritsuka6662444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

MS realised that can't make action games for kinect, so now they're gonna fill 80% of kinect Star Wars with the one game that sold kinect in the first place.

Disccordia2443d ago

Surely its lucasarts and not Microsoft who are to blame? They are the ones who developed it

ThatArtGuy2443d ago

Lucasarts is to blame for publishing this and not making a sequel to X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter.


humbleopinion2443d ago

Microsoft is not even related to the development or publishing of this title. It's a Terminal Reality game (last franchise they butchered was Ghostbusters) and published by Lucasarts.

And to tell the truth, Lucasarts are to blame for the demise of Star Wars ever since Jar Jar in general. Not to mention they're also responsible for butchering the classic adventure games, and rushing KOTOR 2 out of the gates.
Their latest games are abominations (let's not forget the clone wars games for the Wii) and they keep on messing up the development of Battlefront 3, throwing it from one studio to another.
People like to complain about EA and Activision, but Lucasarts is probably the worst publisher in the industry, and it's really sad to see how it fell from grace.

mcstorm2443d ago

Disccordia you are right on the button with this. People on here are blind half the time and as soon as exclusive for the 360 is brought out they blame MS if the game is not what they like.

What I don't get is people are complaining about this game because it has a dance mode. If you don't like it don't buy it and buy another game its as simple as that.

I don't like GTA or dead red redemption but I don't keep going on about how I want rock star to make a different game I just buy what I want to play. People now a days feel that if they don't like something no one else should like it. If you look at life in general a lot of people buy an Iphone because it looks cool or dress the same.

We are offered different things by different company's because we have a choice in what we want to buy. If I want to go and buy this game why should you care as I don't care what game you go and buy as I buy what I like just like you should.

People spend far too much time bitching about things in life rather than getting on with it.

callahan092443d ago

Ummm actually Microsoft Game Studios is a publisher of this game, and the production of the game involved Kudo Tsunoda (MS's Kinect sunglasses wearing guy) and the decision to make a Star Wars Kinect game was Microsoft's decision. It is hard to say what happened from that brainstorm in the MS meeting room to LucasArts coming on board to do it, but the facts are well documented that it was Microsoft who came up with the idea to do a Star Wars Kinect Game and MS Game Studios IS a publisher on the title. Do your research.

dark-hollow2443d ago

They came with the idea but they didn't make the game.

Its like blaming Sony for zipper mediocre performance.

BlindGuardian2443d ago

as a true Star Wars fan this is just painful and shameful

just imagine The Lord of the Rings characters doing something like this, or the Mass Effect characters, or the Firefly characters

this is just spitting on the faces of the fans

Drake1172443d ago

Yeah can i just say i was embarrassed watching this lol. WTF was the target audience with this trash...what to they expect a bunch of preteen girls to be playing a starwars game or something holy sh*t? Thank god i never had high hopes for this game. I wouldnt blame this on microsoft but rather the developers. A star wars kinect game could be cool if done right but this is just a joke. Also lol at the tiny dude dancing in the corner with his socks.

SilentNegotiator2443d ago

It's LucasArt's fault for not saying "no", turning around, and making a sequel to one of their infinitely better, older games. lol

Rainstorm812443d ago

Funny how no wants to put any blame on MS but EA is the worst because of ME3 ending??

AngryTypingGuy2442d ago

I'm pretty sure that the Star Wars Christmas Special and George Lucas himself took Star Wars's last ounce of dignity before Microsoft ever did.

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SockeyBoy2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Dear MS,

Please can you put your attention away from the F***ING Kinect and start throwing your money towards some new IP's, hell even if you brought some of your old classics back to life!!

From, a sock who is getting sick of dancing in front of a camera.

Smashbro292443d ago

Agree. I mean... They have RARE! Why do I feel like they don't do shit with rare?!

GroundsKeeperJimbo2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

It may be in vain, but lets see what the Next-Gen launch line up is. It may explain the painful last 2 years. Thank god for multi-plats! :]

BitbyDeath2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

MS probably like to torture Rare to try get at Nintendo.

Akuma-2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I've already discontinued my support for the xbox because of the lack of core games on Microsofts console. Kinect is rubbish and inaccurate. I don't understand why kinect has to be forced in a lot of Microsofts games. I'm ok with kinect support but I'm upset that kinect crowd is being catered to more.

A lot of people chastise Sony for minimal ps move support but they don't understand. Playstation or Sony is supporting the majority of people that keeps them afloat and the gamers that have supported them over the years. I love that Sony hasn't turned their backs to the core fans like Nintendo and Microsoft. The bevy of kinect support imo can also be attributed to the fanboys that touts about how amazing kinect is and buys the rubbish so I guess Microsoft realize that they can spend less money on cheap kinect games but make a lot. Anyway, I can't wait for the last of us, the last guardian, agent, ff vs 13, and a lot of ps3 exclusives

Ps3 is the future

Drake1172443d ago

Love how this guy tries to make it seem like he ever liked the 360 or microsoft, your not fooling anyone.

hellzsupernova2443d ago



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Magnus2444d ago

Umm yea Obi Wan must be rolling in his grave I was looking forward to this game but after seeing this yea no pass for me.

andron2444d ago

Lucasart is too blame too. They haven't taken good care of the SW franchise when it comes to gaming lately...

Godmars2902443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Who'd have thought the 70's Christmas Special was a foreshadowing of this.

DigitalRaptor2443d ago

I have to ask this, but how can the guys who contributed to the game, especially this part of the game not feel utterly utterly ashamed of themselves for crapping so hard on the franchise?

Must have been eagerly awaiting their paychecks I guess.

TheUnbiasedLion2443d ago

tbh if i was getting paid as much as a developer, i wouldn't give a F**K.

They refuse to do it lucasArts or M$ will hire someone else, always someone waiting to take someones place.

GillHarrison2443d ago

People do realize that it was Lucasarts who developed the game, right?

Ult iMate2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

You do realize that Kinect was chosen for some reason, right? And you know that reason.
Because Star Wars for Move would look much more authentic and the gameplay would not be limited by variations of Kinect Sports and dancing.

kaveti66162443d ago

So then why did Lucasarts choose to work with Kinect instead of Move?

Any way you spin it, you have to blame Lucasarts and not Microsoft.

Even if Microsoft offered a large paycheck, it was Lucasarts who accepted it.

Rainstorm812443d ago

Money money money mooooney.......Moooney!