PS3: The First Console to Offer Amazon Instant Video


Hi again, PlayStation community. I’m here to bring some good news today: Amazon Instant Video is available now on PlayStation Network, making the PS3 the first and only video game console to offer the service! Head on over to the TV/Video Services category of the XMB, where you can download and install the new Amazon Instant Video app right now for free. Once you launch the app, you’ll have instant access to thousands of streaming and downloadable movies and TV shows for rental or purchase. There are more than 120,000 commercial-free movies and TV shows for rental or purchase, including new releases, classic favorites, major TV shows, full seasons and even new episodes of some of your favorite TV shows the day after they air. Many of the DVD and Blu-Ray titles on are also offered on Amazon Instant Video available through this new app.

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joeyisback2446d ago

also is showing it on there main page maybe that will help PS3 sells raise even more

JoGam2446d ago

YES. Im a Prime Member so I will be enjoying this tonight.

zeeshan2446d ago

Amazon PRIME is AWESOME! Now it's on PS3 and that makes it even better.

Baba19062446d ago

i hate the fact, that i dont live in the usa, when it comes to stuff like this.........

Christopher2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

This is great news for me as well (also Prime member). My decision to get rid of Netflix streaming last year is looking like a better decision as things move forward.

Should note that XBR TVs from Sony have had Amazon VOD playback for years now, though. So, I can see how this is just a continued partnership. I'm fairly certain it will come to 360 soon and Wii or Wii U after that.

MaxXAttaxX2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Love how we get plenty of options when it comes to video streaming services without having to pay a premium price ;)

Gamer19822446d ago

Well its in the US where Sony are second in Europe and Japan they are top dog (over MS at least) so something like this will definitely help as amazon are the biggest online distributor in America and that's advertising you can't buy.

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ConstipatedGorilla2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Why would you care if PS3 sales "raise even more"? Do you own stock in the company?

It is a great feature btw.

Mc1872445d ago

Quite a bit actually, :P

OllieBoy2446d ago

This is awesome. It just popped up on my XMB out of

Solid_Snake372445d ago

Kevin Butler flicked his secret switch

SmokeyMcBear2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

do you get anything special if you have amazon prime?

thanks blacklight, now I get to take away your privledges for abusing the bubble system.. woohoo.

Topshelfcheese2446d ago

Ya, you get to watch all the free prime instant streaming from the comfort of your couch on a big screen...!

Godmars2902446d ago

Which I'm guessing doesn't include TV show that were just on the night before.

The_Devil_Hunter2446d ago

Yes you get instant free videos as well as free two day shipping on various products shipped and sold frok

thereapersson2446d ago

You can also get free two-day shipping on anything Amazon sells, so long as it's through Amazon or one of their affiliate merchants.

You'll see if an item qualifies for Prime on the item page, next to the price.

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nik666uk2446d ago

Europe don't get it as usual!!! BAG A SHIITE!!!!

BDSE2446d ago

LoveFilm is the Amazon DVD rental and instant VOD brand.

forcefullpower2446d ago

But the streaming quality is shite for lovefilm so i cancelled it. Thats why i went with the netflix steaming quality then found out they have bugger all content so cancelled that. So i am left with downloading again. When will these movie studios realise there is a massive market in the UK for streaming new movies in HIGH QUALITY for a monthly fee.

NBT912446d ago

The problem is, as far as I know most of the stuff on LoveFilm (at least anything released within the past few years, let alone brand new)you have to pay additional fees on top of your month fee (I mean what, are we on XBOX Live all of a sudden now? =P)

There should be one that is up to date with the latest releases, sure the prices would be high but since streaming video is now something that is actually plausible on a lot of broadband connections, the market is there. At the moment you go with Lovefilm which is not quite there, or you go with NetFlix which is good but A) the USA version is tons better in terms of content and B) Even then its not great, again, let alone the UK version.

BDSE2446d ago

@NBT91 thats not true.

@Forcefullpower streaming is always poorer then blu-ray which is why I tend to request the blu-ray disc to watch stuff first time round or for classics. Streaming is always going to be a poor choice for good quality hi-def picture.

Gamer19822446d ago

Yeah but the sad thing is lovefilm is crap especially compared to netflix.

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TheTwelve2445d ago

Europeans get a lot of stuff we don't get in NA too, btw