Gamezone: Blades of Time review

The adventure follows Ayumi as she seeks out a treasure within the underworld, though it’s not really explained how she ties into it, or what kind of purpose it truly serves her. All we know is that she really likes talking blatantly about the stuff she’s doing, as well as what she’s going to do next. Granted, it has nothing to do with the story, she just likes gabbing. Over the course of this adventure, she’ll find enemies that deserve a pounding between her twin blades and long-range rifle, as well as humans who are a little judgmental when it comes to teaming up with her. Hmmm, maybe it’s the cleavage.

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godzilla722443d ago

3.5? what the heck! game deserves no less than a 7.5, this reviewer is full of it! i swear, you cannot go by every review these days. im pretty picky when it comes to games and this score is just flat out wrong. guy worries too much about the story and not enough about the actual gameplay. comon man!