Stuck in a Gaming Rut

Splitkick: It falls upon me without warning and there is nothing I do can prevent it. Like writer’s block to a novelist or a knee injury to a soccer player, once again I am the victim of a gaming rut. Suddenly my favorite pastime has become a chore, and I am left browsing Netflix and watching all three seasons of United States of Tara, again. My friends ask if it is because I am reviewing a game that I don’t like, but my review list is completely open at the moment. No, I cannot blame my lack of desire on a terrible mandatory game session (NeverDead, I’m lookin’ at you), I’m just stuck in this rut. A new PS Vita in hand, Mass Effect 3 sitting on my shelf, and I still cannot bring myself to pick up a single game.

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darthv722448d ago

I have several games i have started but never finished. So many to choose from that I tend to not play any. Strange how that is. This past weekend I popped in God of war collection and scored a few trophies from the 1st game. Then I played some plants vs zombies (what a trade off).

In my situation its about time. I just dont have any. I should get my son to play my games and earn me the trophies/achievements. He is too busy earning his own in various games.

One day I will go back and finish SotC and Windwaker and other games that I have bought but never played (mass effect 2 and bioshock 2 are just sitting in their unopened cases).

One day...