"Next generation of freemium games will be indistinguishable from AAA"

Ben Cousins has had a busy month. As a veteran of free-to-play projects at Sony, EA and DICE, and now head of ngmoco's AAA mobile studio in Sweden, Cousins is well placed to comment on emerging platforms and business models, and in the last four weeks that's precisely what he has done.

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donniebaseball2443d ago

They'll get better no doubt, but it'll be a while before they match up with AAA console titles

Stinky_Fish2443d ago

why would I listen to a bias jelous nobody

1nsomniac2443d ago

So while every developer is moaning about how difficult it is to fund games & how its nearly impossible to make your money back this guy wants us to believe they will make free games just as good as the blockbusters.

Sometimes I wonder whether I live in the same world as the people who make statements like these. Seems were fed bullshit from every single angle these days.

Indigo1232443d ago

"when I say something like, 'mobile is going to kill consoles' - I just mean the companies and the platforms."

even more ridiculous

GraveLord2443d ago

That will NEVER happen unless the game is made by one of the giant publishers.

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