MAY 2012: 7 Games you do not want to miss

Every month brings in a new set of Video game titles to the market. With so much anticipated competition it is always good to compare upcoming game releases before deciding to buy any given game.

April is gonna go as quickly as expected and we are thus plunged into May filled to the brim with more of the video game goodness, though these 7 games definitely deserve a worthy mention so as to mark them on your wallet-hungry radar.

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geniusgamerdoc2419d ago

Totally hyped up for MAX PAYNE 3, Diablo III and of course SORCERY.

Will SORCERY be a MOVE-Seller and a KINECT-killer ?

S_C2419d ago

For Me :
Starhawk (ps3)
Max payne 3 (xbox 360)

SilentNegotiator2419d ago

Max Payne 3 and Dragon's Dogma for me, if they live up to potential.

The StarHawk beta was pretty boring. And future Soldier looks like....well, I'll let Mega64 field this one, with their excellent sarcasm;

crxss2419d ago

Dragon's Dogma is definitely the sleeper hit, hope that game turns out amazing... will probably still get it regardless since it comes with the RE6 demo in JULY (360) and SEPT (PS3). looks like i'll have to get it on 360 *sigh

Fez2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I doubt sorcery will make any impact at all. Will probably be a decent game that lots of people enjoy but that's about it.

I think you just have to look at some of the other titles in that list to realise sorcery isn't of the same calibre as some other games.

Hope it still does well for the devs, if it's a good game that uses Move well, but it's not a game I'm remotely interested in... not sure if many would be if it wasn't PS3 and Move exclusive either.

RedDead2419d ago

You just have to look at some gameplay video's of sorcery to see it's nothing great.

TheXgamerLive2419d ago

Sadly move seems to be on it's way out, hopefully this game will sell a few but no it's nothing special but neither are the harry potter games and they do ok, but their also HP and friends, lol.

For someone to even suggest a kinect killer? hahaha that is very funny but april fools was a few days ago.

pandaboy2419d ago

why did you buy a move then fez if you have no intention in buying the move specific games...

SilentNegotiator2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Fez, RDD, and Xgamer have no faith in Sorcery, a ps3 exclusive.

Surely, it is doomed. If anyone would like a ps3 game, it would be you guys.


shreeveera2419d ago

Love your AVATAR bro.

FEZ is my fav Tv show character from hands down the best Comedy Tv shows of all time - That 70's Show!!

Fez2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Great show! The characters work so well together.

How the heck did you know I have Move lol? I think I got it for Heavy Rain, Resi 5, and the hope that some good games would use it (KZ3, Infamous 2 which I still have to play).

Not every single game released for it. Especially not one where you get to play a boy wizard. That whole craze went straight over my head.

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Gamer19822419d ago

Starhawk was a huge disappointment from BETA.
Diablo isn't for everybody.
Max Payne has never really been a AAA title and never sells very well Max Payne 2 only sold just under 2 million worldwide on the PS2 in its hayday. And there was more ps2s in houses back then than the 360 and ps3 combined now.
Ghost Recon cannot even stand up to the big boys like battlefield and COD for hype and sales and the last couple of games have been lackluster at best averaging 8/0 which although isn't bad is not enough in an over saturated market.
Sorcery could work but is there any hype for it? Not in UK there isnt..
And well the other 2 are not even worth talking about I doubt they will sell a million combined. Risen alone sold 130k worldwide if you need proof.

caboose322419d ago

Wow, way to be the most negative person ever.

Kurt Russell2418d ago

Wow, with all this party chat the girls are gonna be flooding through the doors!

joab7772419d ago

I guess i would have included bioshock and assasins creed over sorcery and risen 2...just me. Anyway, i did not know diablo 3 was multiplatform. Oh, and darksiders 2.

DFogz2418d ago

"May 2012: 7 Games you do not want to miss"

As far as I'm aware, the two games you mentioned do not come out next month. This article is just for releases in May.

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IntoxicatedDuck2419d ago

Dragon's Dogma looks great. Plus the Resident Evil 6 demo doesn't hurt ;)

geniusgamerdoc2419d ago

Does the Resident Evil 6 demo come free with Dragon's Dogma?
Is it included on the disc?

IntoxicatedDuck2419d ago

I believe it comes with the Xbox 360 version. You get a code which allows you to download the demo at a later date.

badz1492419d ago

wait until they announce that you have to pay extra to unlock the true ending for the game!

thanks to yours sincerely, CRAPCOM!

humbleopinion2419d ago

List includes Starhawk, Diablo 3, Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon, Sorcery, Risen 2 and Dragon Dogma.

Don't bother clicking through a badly designed site with 3 pages lacking any actual description for 7 games.

Newsman2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I thought mine was bad. My eyes bleed and puppies died. Do the site ratings still work?

geniusgamerdoc2419d ago

Does Diablo III have a release date for PS3?

Dlacy13g2419d ago

Yeah... that is NOT Confirmed

Bladesfist2419d ago

They said they were experimenting with a console version, they may not ever make one.

Perjoss2419d ago

and when blizz says they are experimenting with something you can expect to see it roughly 5 years later. In this case the game itself is pretty much done so it might not take quite that long, if ever.

StayStatic2419d ago

Id like to see Starcraft Ghost come back first before a console version of D3

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