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Silly dance sequences lighten the mood, but sluggish combat and a forgettable narrative make Kinect Star Wars a weak choice.

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OllieBoy2450d ago

Nice. I want to see this bomb so bad.

Emilio_Estevez2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Don't worry, it won't. They could sell a pile of dog poop with a Star Wars logo on it for $10. Which really doesn't even give them a reason to try.

darthv722450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

unless they really have no interest in it or the platform its for. It is a matter of appeal.

Does this game appeal to you? No.

Will it appeal to others? Yes

Is this the game that makes people go out and buy the platform? Remains to be seen.

Im a fan of the movies and there are some games I like and others I dont. I would give this a try when it comes to the pod racing or force events but the dancing part does not appeal to me.

I wouldnt want to see the game bomb in any sense of the word. I'd like them to see where it can be improved and either release a version on another platform or possibly a sequel. The sequel idea would be dependent on the reception of the first game. A remake or port probably wouldnt be as dependent.

edit: @god, I do agree that the star wars brand is the selling point but it isnt the only brand to use its name recognition to sell products.

When it comes to the bastardization of the SW brand, this game is not at the top of my list. That spot is held by the remake of remake of remake of the films. Lucas has taken what was once a great series and continued to tweak it to his liking (it would seem) instead of the fans.

When it comes to games (generally speaking) I still say it is all about appeal. Not this game specifically because you can replace this game with whatever game you like and make the same statement. Many may not like Halo or Killzone but that doesnt mean that everyone else doesnt as well.

This game has elements that dont appeal to me but it also has some that do.

pangitkqb2450d ago

This is one of those situations where, unfortunately, a lot of people saw this coming. I take no pleasure in the mediocrity of this game. :( Ah well.

Godmars2902450d ago

"People shouldnt ever want to see a game bomb"

Unless its a bad game that promotes further bad game making.

Or to be more specific in this case, when said "game" is being sold based more on its brand value than anything else.

dark-hollow2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )


Am a huge fan of star wars and I was kinda thinking about getting it, that, till I saw the "I'm Han solo"

Like Lucas didn't bury my childhood memories only, but now they are pissing on it grave too!

sphinct2450d ago

It really would have been nice if this had been a quality game. The ideas behind it are cool, but execution....

SilentNegotiator2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

"People shouldnt ever want to see a game bomb"

1) It's LucasArts. It's not like people are hoping for a game from a tiny studio to fail; LucasArts can afford one failure, and could learn from it. But then LucasArts hasn't learned anything from a lot of recent bombs.

2) We know that the game is sub-par. We're not wishing upon a star for an upcoming game to be BAD....we already know it is.

3) They're not implementing franchises that we all already know works and are still fan favorites. Maybe if their silly minigames and unimproved sequels did poorly, they would actually rethink their strategy.

Wanting a knowingly bad game to fail so that they go back to doing what works well for reasons other than brand recognition and gimmicks? Not exactly a horrible thing.

"Does this game appeal to you? No.
Will it appeal to others? Yes"
Does burning ants with a lens appeal to me? No.
Will it appear to thousands or millions of mentally disturbed people? Yes.

So what's your point? That it would be a major shame if a game that some kids would like is missed? Just give them another crappy licensed game and keep them happy for 3 minutes.

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izumo_lee2450d ago

Unfortunately that is not gonna happen, there are millions of kids & soccer moms looking for a way to spend time with the family. This is a family game all the way which leaves us hardcore guys/gals waiting for the next epic console Star Wars game.

darthv722450d ago

I would much rather had the SW game sega made several years ago for the arcade. The light saber duels in that were pretty good in the way they were designed.

MagicAccent2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Hey LucasArts, how about you make Battlefront 3, or Tie Fighter 2 instead of this shit?
What's that? You don't want people to buy your games?

I see. Carry on, then.

dark-hollow2450d ago

Lucas: no! I wanna see Han solo dancing.

darthv722450d ago

on a new tie fighter or maybe even a new x-wing vs tie fighter.

FlashXIII2450d ago

*cough* Jedi Knight sequel *cough*

darthv722450d ago

dark forces? A sequel to JK...nah. Id rather it be completely remastered.

A-Glorious-Dawn2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Hard nostalgia right there

Jediwannabeon LOL

blackburn102450d ago

I know Kinect fanboys will hate me for saying this but everyone saw this coming except them. I don't know why anyone even still pretends that Kinect can be hardcore at all unless you have it as some pointless gimmick in a game. And before you attack me saying I was rooting for KSW it to fail, I wasn't. It was obvious what this was.

Machioto2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I think the problems is that they need games only possible with kinect or invent new genre for motion gaming.

@vik Then why have it at their E3 conference? It should neon the show floor.

Venjense2450d ago

I was hoping this would be awesome but I knew it wouldn't...Kinect cant play real games.

vikingland12450d ago

This game is aimed at a younger audience I could tell just from the trailers.

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