PlayDevil: Alan's Wake American Nightmare XBLA Review

PlayDevil has posted a review of the new downloadable Alan Wake game for XBLA, "Alan Wake's American Nightmare".

Here's more:

"Alan Wake's American Nightmare" plays in the same way as its big-box counterpart. It’s an over-the-shoulder 3rd person action game, with some interesting shooting mechanics. Enemies are wrapped in darkness, and nearly invincible in this state. You need to shine a light on them with your torch to weaken them before blasting them to bits. Ammo can be tight, and you’ll certainly have to time reloads, battery charges or even just run away in order to survive."

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limewax2445d ago

Just a heads up for your typo. Title says "Alan's Wake"

GamerKnights2445d ago

Oh yeah sorry, it has to be "Alan Wake's".