Karl Pilkington coming to Skyrim

The online community Deck16 has announced their work on a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that will allow players to add Karl Pilkington to their party.

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floetry1012243d ago

I feel like climbing to the Throat of the World with him whining.

Hopefully he'll say something when we reach the summit.

"Well, this is alright innit?"

Dac2u2243d ago

Time for me to buy Skyrim. An Idiot Abroad in Skyrim, I love it.

TopDudeMan2243d ago

His weapons would be packets of monster munch and pot noodles.

Chaostar2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )


Although that picture doesn't look much like him, his head is much rounder in real life.

AcceptedWalnut2243d ago

Yeah, got an head like a f... :)

OhMyGandhi2243d ago

I agree. they made him look a Cole from Infamous.

kamruk2243d ago

so true xD Well if you or someone you know has some spare time, they're accepting other face submissions.

CultOfPersonality2243d ago

This is going to be so funny LOL! been a karl fan since XFM!