Shining Force for the Game Gear is heading to the 3DS's Virtual Console

Shining Force Sword of Hajya, a Shining Force RPG title for the Sega Game Gear is heading to the eShop on 3DS. This has been revealed by the Australian rating board.

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LX-General-Kaos2447d ago

This is great news because Shining Force is an amazing game worthy of your time. I hope anyone who has purchased a Nintendo 3DS entertainment console gives this a try. Especially if you have not already in the past.

Rated E For Everyone

darthv722446d ago

the whole "shining" series is great. I'd love to see a remake of shining in the darkness. For a turn based tactical RPG I find the shining games to be the most entertaining.

I must admit though. I never did play shining the holy arc but I will at some point.

Stinky_Fish2446d ago

i have the physical editions