In-depth Review: Kinect Star Wars - Electronic Theatre

Set for release this week, the long awaited Kinect Star Wars is set to dominate the global videogame charts thanks to the legions of fans eager to adopt the latest interactive experience from the Star Wars universe. Of course, Kinect Star Wars has a much greater potential audience than that however, with the videogame designed to be suitable for family-orientated gaming. While the core audience will quickly warm to the Lightsaber combat, youngsters will take to the destruction offers by the Rancor Rampage mode. Exactly who the Galactic Dance Off is intended for however, isn’t quite as obvious.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again Kinect and Star Wars is not for me at least not from what I've seen...that's just me though.

Jobesy2450d ago

Yay, have all your sons dance like a slave girl, yay!