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Kinect Star Wars awesome or average shovelware - Critics divided

You may have seen this scenario coming a mile away, but as of now on the launch day of Kinect Star Wars it appears the critics at least are quite divided over the game. (Kinect Star Wars, Xbox 360)

RaidensRising  +   1330d ago
I thought awesome at E3, ever since it has been pretty clear from everything shown of the main thing, lightsabring combat, that the game's average at best. I actually think the Pod racing is perhaps keeping some critics from unleashing the force in their reviews.
darthv72  +   1330d ago
perhaps its more like....
the idea was awesome in the sense that using your hands to act out force powers. But the lack of something to hold to provide physical interaction for the duels seems to kill that part (or at least wound it).

The whole dancing thing...I thought lucas would have avoided that from the backlash of the dancing wookie years ago. I mean seriously, Leia never danced in the movie so why would she in the game?

Should there be a version for the move I would expect more action and less dancing. Then again if this game is exclusive to kinect then it should not stop lucas from making a move exclusive game that differs from this one.
Jobesy  +   1330d ago
I just don't get the dancing in a SW game at all. Especially because I'm a guy, and I would be expected to dance like a chick? Come on, get real, no thanks! And I wouldn't want my son dancing like a chick either, sorry but that's just me.
Shadonic  +   1330d ago
"But the lack of something to hold to provide physical interaction for the duels seems to kill that part (or at least wound it)."

You can wasily just go a pick up anything resembling a sword though. I did it on kung fu high impact with my sword and it worked just fine i want to try it on kinect star wars though ive seen gameplay and another review ( he gave it a ok score) and the rewiewer also got something to hold onto when he played.
NukaCola  +   1330d ago
What is sad is the 360 console itself is awesome. The R2D2 looks cool and the C3P0 controller is sicked sweet. Why couldnt they of gotten this with Old Republic on 360 or maybe RepCom2, BF3, etc. Why this terrible shovelware game? I think it's cause they fed us a BS marketing scam at E3 and had to fix their failure..did not succeed though
Chaostar  +   1330d ago
Let's settle it...

Hit agree if you think it's awesome or disagree if you think average shovelware
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RedDead  +   1330d ago
It seems to be:

Pod racing = awesome
everything else = turd

Edit---after looking at some gameplay..I like the art style and aesthetics, what a waste of them on this game. Coulda been used for an RPG or made the new BF.
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Shadonic  +   1330d ago
they could of done way better it looks like instead of improveing or adding onto the lightsaber combat and force moves they just put in a danceing mode. I'm not blameing anything on the kinect im going after the studio or person in charge of how the games mechanics were. Honestly i cant really judge it until i play it though but from what ive seen in the 2 earliest picture in picture vids the gameplay depends upon the player heaveily if your going to play this you cant half ass it or play as if your some droid which is what one of the players did.
tokugawa  +   1330d ago
lol on n4g?? one of the biggest bastions of sony fanboyism....

anyway, who cares? move, kinect = rubbish
blackburn10  +   1330d ago
I love how people whine and cry that it's Sony fanboyism to blame for Kinect Star Wars being crap. More sites have given it below average scores then high scores. It's also funny how defensive people get when anyone says it and say your a Sony fanboy as if no Xbox 360 person would ever say Kinect is crap.

You guys crack me up whenever proof arrives that shows how below average Kinect games are. People scrape and fight and cry to deny how good games like UC3 and R3 are despite them getting above average scores and how fast people jump to condemn games like TM for it's scores but fight tooth and nail to deny scores for games like Star Wars Kinect, NG3 and Resident Evil Raccoon city no matter how many sites say they are bad.Conclusion, this gen is full of cry babies.

You can't buy KSW unless someone tells you too and people deny it and then don't buy it. Look how hard people fought to say Child of Eden was going to be the greatest Kinect game ever and no one brought it.

Give me disagrees or do what you have to do but it is hilarious how people can rage and attack everyone about a game and then not buy it anyway.Just watch how KSW dies as the very same people who defend it don't buy it because of their own insecurity.They listen to the bad scores and take it to heart no matter how much they try to deny it.

I love this gen. So much displaced rage and anger. You lash out at everyone despite all the evidence that the game that you are defending tanks. It's not split despite this site's imagination. Most sites think this game is lower then average crap.
Ashunderfire86  +   1330d ago
its shovelware, not average but bad.
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KingOfArcadia  +   1330d ago
They made this game for my 8 year old son, right? There can't really be anyone over the age of say, 12-13, who honestly thought this was going to be the next big Star Wars thing, right?
Dante112  +   1330d ago
@ KingOfArcadia

My favorite Kinect Star Wars Review quote

"This game is better suited for two year old children than teen or adult fans of Star Wars. This game is the biggest insult to the series"

I don't think this would be appropriate for your 8 year old son either, King.
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Nodoze  +   1330d ago
shovelware indeed. The critic split is most likely attributed to greased palms.
Megaton  +   1330d ago
Seems like all the people giving this game its highest scores are minor blogs/websites. The big publications appear to be of the opinion that it's a terrible game.
wedgie  +   1330d ago
I don't see much of a critic split myself. Unfortunately all of the reviews I usually look to have given the game about a 5/10 average. Does not look like too much of a split or variation to me.
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