20% off Star Wars: Kinect Release Day Deal

Online video game retailer are offering 20% off Star Wars: Kinect with free shipping to celebrate the release for the Xbox 360 and a host of hot discounted deals.

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AdmiralSnake2273d ago

Nice way to boost sales ^_^.

Tai_Kaliso2273d ago

It was already at 300k in pre-orders in the US alone before it released.

Wenis2273d ago

Bargain bin price on day 1.. well hopefully LucasRATS will finally get the message that we (me) want SWBF3 and not more crap SW games.

thebudgetgamer2273d ago

The fact that there's no Star War for PSmove boggles my brain.

GraveLord2273d ago

Ouch. Still not worth it though unless you are a Star Wars collector or have a kid.