Kinect Star Wars Review (PlanetXbox360)

I can understand what Microsoft was trying to go for when it first announced it was doing a Star Wars game exclusively for the Kinect. It wanted to reach out to its casual audience, showing them that its motion accessory wasn’t just a one-note gimmick (like the Wii), while also introducing an interactive experience that fans of the films – either old or new, take your pick – would come to appreciate. Over the past few game events, we’ve seen bits and pieces of the game, some bad and some good, but decided to hold our recommendation until spending quality time with the final package.

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UncannyValley2418d ago

Only a 7.9 eh? Not sure if this one is worth my money, so I'm going to rent it before purchasing.

mushroomwig2418d ago

Only? That's a pretty decent score. Although I wish they had just given it a score of 8 instead of using the awful decimal point system.

SilentNegotiator2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

PlanetXbox360 almost always gives higher scores. This one is barely above the average score.

"the Kinect has no problem identifying your choices....We’ve had times where our lightsaber positioning wasn’t read accurately, causing us to get struck or, worse yet, lose a “clash” where we were trying to keep an enemy at bay"
LOL. In the same paragraph, they claim it works great, and give an example of the game completely breaking. Good work, PlanetXbox360.

For good measure:
"Some of the motions read a little iffy here too"

"You can bring along a friend as well, though the split-screen can be distracting for some players who just can’t watch their portion of the screen"
I've played a couple games on Kinect with this being an issue. Don't these goofs realize that it's necessary to have a good reflective perspective for these things to work well?

"It wanted to reach out to its casual audience, showing them that its motion accessory wasn’t just a one-note gimmick (like the Wii)"
Ahhhh, but I see as usual, they did not forget to take jabs at the competing systems in the process.

BattleTorn2418d ago

awful decimal system?

reviews should use more decimals. I know it might be harder for you to understand them, being so complicated and such, but their more accurate.

What's stupid is when reviews rate a game out of 5.
There's such a big gap between 3/5 and 4/5.

Is that how you would like all review to be scored, in intervals of 20%?

Perjoss2418d ago

@ SilentNegotiator

you are taking this very seriously

SilentNegotiator2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Because I pointed out the typical problems with PlanetXbox360 or because I criticized Kinect Star Wars for doing something that way too many Kinect games do?

If I weren't serious about the game industry, I'd never comment at all. Media that can't keep from contradicting itself in a single paragraph, attacking all the other systems in 90% of its articles, and often high-balling scores (this review sorta being an exception, as my point)......I'm going to criticize that.

And I know that leaves your blood boiling. Because I "should" leave a comment about how "great" that score is and how Kinect is amazing, but I care more about the fact that our industry's journalism is garbage than catering to peripheral, system, game, whatever. Sorry.

Highlife2417d ago

This site is a joke.


I 100% completely agree with you and have no problem Identifying your statement. I had some hard times with your comment and was not sure what you were getting at. The periods were floating around and damn near blew my head off.

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LaurenKB1232418d ago

Ya I think a rent before buy is a good idea, for me it's great fun - considering what else there is on Kinect out there...

UltimaEnder2418d ago

The podcast racing and dancing are hella fun, lights abet is good but not great....Don't forget the totoe's two-player parts....

Jio2418d ago

It's out now?? I remember hearing about it at E3 like it was yesterday.

Trenta272418d ago

It's a Kinect game so of course it's a rent.

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