The Darkness 2 Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted their review of The Darkness 2. They found much to like about the hybrid shooter but cited the dated graphics and lack of multiplayer as an issue.

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Dazel2444d ago

What a garbage review!!!! Don't give up the day time job just yet. ;op

Garethvk2444d ago

Your in the minority here. Two websites, a magazine, syndication, and two radio.shows. Thankfully those who know appreciate what I do. Three books in print is not shabby either.

when you have been a paid, professional reviewer for over 20 years you can talk, otherwise, start your own site and let me know if you last 11 years.

Garethvk2444d ago

Now, if you did not like what I said, that's one thing. but, it is well written, gives an overview of the game, as well as the pros and cons. it is not as deep as others but when we have multiple reviews due brevity can become a requirement. I think you know PC Gamer, the top gaming magazine in the world. they have run and paid for two of my stories, how many of yours did they run? Zero, just like how much stock I put in your comment.